Insane Clown Posse and Mod Podge

Saturday I was lucky enough to meet Lani Diane Rich and hear her speak about writing challenges and preparing to begin a new manuscript.  She was fabulously entertaining and inspiring, and I couldn’t wait to try a few of her suggestions.  Lani said she always creates both a soundtrack and a collage before she starts a new novel.  The soundtrack is a compilation of songs that the characters would like or that would be heard in the setting of the novel.  The collage should have pictures of “stand-ins” for the main characters – actors or other people who bear a physical resemblance to your characters, places that look like your setting, etc.

Michael helped me put together a soundtrack playlist after I gave him the names of the artists I thought some of my characters might listen to.  Keep in mind that Lani suggested using music with which you are not already familiar and have not already associated with something or someone else.  Then I downloaded a bunch a pictures, printed them out, and made a collage just like in school!

Only time will tell if these visual and auditory cues help inspire my creativity, but I’ve already learned a couple of things in the first twenty four hours of using them.  I will never be a fan of Insane Clown Posse . . . and I will always love playing with Mod Podge.

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