Is It Spring Yet?

— 1 —

I know the calendar says it’s Spring, but I’m typing this in a turtleneck.  I still have to scrape frost off my windshield if I want to go anywhere before noon.  I want to open my windows and air the house out!  And I miss my aunt Beverly, who passed away in December, because that’s normally who shares my misery when it stays cold too long.

— 2 —

This week was Spring Break for John, my fourteen-year-old.  We really didn’t do anything exciting, but tomorrow we’ll be going to see his first “scary movie” at the theater.  Since we’re both huge Walking Dead fans I know the gore won’t be the problem, but we’ll have to see how he holds up to the “scary” part.  I love a good scary movie, so hopefully he’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

— 3 —

We started off the week with a routine checkup at the pediatrician’s, which showed John off the charts on height.  I’m going to wait until three weeks before Aaron’s wedding to get his final suit fitting in case he has another growth spurt.

— 4 —

Ah, yes, the wedding.  I thought I was doing so well, handling the fact that my eldest will getting married in about six weeks very calmly.  I should have known better.  My first pre-wedding crying jag was on the way to critique group Tuesday and I suspect it won’t be my last.  I was a basket case before he went off to college, so I should have seen this coming.

— 5 —

I’ve taken a huge step and hired someone to come clean my house for me.  Just a one-time thing, then hopefully I can maintain it after that.  Of course, if you’ve ever had someone clean your house, you know you have to clean first.  Or at least de-clutter.  They can’t clean a piece of furniture they can’t find.

— 6 —

The funniest part was my dining room table, where everyone dumps everything.  It’s a total Fly Lady Hot Spot.  As I was clearing away the layers I came across an expandable file full of printouts.  It was full of cleaning plans for the year that I had printed out in December!  Yeah, that pretty much covers how much I need some help.

— 7 —

Next up after the house is the yard.  I bought John a computer game, so he owes me some manual labor.  I plan on using that to get some mulch laid.  I don’t think I’ve mulched in three years.  And of course I have a next-door neighbor who grooms his lawn with nail scissors.  I’m embarrassed to even go outside when he’s out.  I want to show him documentation from my physicians proving I physically can’t do yard work anymore.  I have serious guilt issues regarding my yard.

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One thought on “Is It Spring Yet?”

  1. Oh girl I feel ya on so many of these things! The weather is ridiculous. I am forcing myself to spring clean…..going slower than I hoped. Hugs to the mama of the groom. You and I are similar in the emotion department. You just have to ride the wave of emotions the best you can!

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