It’s pronounced JU-dee-Chay

I have been a HUGE fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey since the first episode, so I was really looking forward to last night’s premiere.  Holy hell, that was ninety minutes chock-full of cray-zee!  It’s hard to even know where to start, and the #RHONJ hashtag was so busy I kept getting the same “Your tweetstream is being throttled” message on TweetDeck I got during the Royal Wedding.

But of all the over-the-top stuff going on, there was one thing I just couldn’t get out of my head:  Melissa, Joe, Kathy, and Kathy’s husband all mispronounced Joe and Teresa’s last name.  Giudice is pronounced JU-dee-Chay, NOT Jew-dice.  Seriously, you are her brother, sister-in-law, and cousin, and you can’t pronounce her name?  All I’ve done is read her cookbook and I can pronounce it properly.  I know, quibbling over pronunciation seems trivial when a grown man is knee-walking drunk, throwing punches at family members at his own son’s christening, but I just can’t get past it.

What disturbed you the most about last night’s episode?  Jacqueline’s unbelievably spoiled and self-absorbed daughter, Ashlee?  The tweets about how “hot” skanky Joe Gorga was?  How flat-out mean Melissa’s sisters were?  Or Caroline’s pitiful attempt at “Southern cooking”?  I do love Caroline, and cried bittersweet tears right along with her about Albie and Chris moving out; but chicken-friend steak, chili, and burned biscuits?  What the hell?

*disclaimer: Yes, of course I know they cast and edit these shows to make them as inflammatory as possible, but either you dressed like a stripper (Melissa) and got drunk and threw punches (Joe) at your own baby’s christening or you didn’t. Oh, and the pic above is from*

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One thought on “It’s pronounced JU-dee-Chay”

  1. I have not watched it yet but can’t wait to dig right in this season. I think the NJ girls are my favorites…The NY ones have been such a bore this time around.

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