It’s the End for Sarah

Yesterday when John got home from school I was on the phone, crying. He dropped his backpack and rushed over to give me a hug. When I got off the phone I told him I was crying because I’d just found out that my car, Sarah, was totaled. He hugged me until I pulled myself together, God bless him. I had a stupid accident Wednesday, and the front end was pretty smooshed, but I never imagined it would be totalled. When the insurance company called I was completely taken by surprise, and burst into tears. I loved that car. Yes, it was a big tank, and difficult to park, but I never had to worry about whether I could fit my latest bargain find in the car and she was easy to find in any parking lot. She got her name from the Sarah Palin plate I bought on ebay and installed on her front bumper, which, thankfully, was undamaged in the wreck (whew!). Here is the letter John wrote while I was calling Michael and my mom, and texting and tweeting like crazy.
I need to go over and get all my stuff out of the car, but I get teary just thinking about it, so I may delegate that duty. Monday Sarah will donate her organs, so that other Saturn Relays will be able to carry on. This weekend I have to car shop. Do you love your car? Does it hold at least five people? Please send me suggestions for Sarah II!

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8 thoughts on “It’s the End for Sarah”

  1. I adore your way of telling a story–your plate–and your amazing son! lol I've just purchased a trailblazer ext–three rows of seats, sits 7 and I adore it! We have three boys and my youngest is nine: 5'3" & 128 lbs. He looks 14. (chuckle)

  2. My daughter bought a Mazda 5 and just loves it – seats six comfortably (my husband rode in the back!) and all the seats fold down. So jealous.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that Sarah is totaled, but John's letter is hilarious. Good luck with car shopping. We will be looking soon ourselves, so I don't have any good ideas for you now. Our fleet could best be called motley, I think.

  4. Omigosh, this is HYSTERICAL! Coming by via the reco of the inimitable Dianna (and Debi & Julie) and am so glad I did.

    We recommend a Hyundai Santa Fe (which srill drives well following a silly little smash into a parking deck pylon) or a Honda Odyssey (our second after a massive tree branch took out our first.)

    So happily a new follower!

  5. I'm so sorry about Sarah. The damage doesn't look that bad in the photo. I love John's letter, he is so funny. Good luck car shopping.

  6. Okay so I just read this post and how timely. Our car just died too. Not so regally though, he goes to auction not to medicine. Anyway, we are in the process of replacing him and spent 6 hours yesterday at a no haggle dealer checking out what will be our new car on Tuesday. I love it so much, I am giving my husband my car (which I also love so technically we are sharing both cars). Anyway we have three in car seats so we needed a real 5 seater. My first car is the Acura MDX 2002 with a third row of seats and it is awesome for the three car seat thing as it separates fighting children into two separate rows and has lots of cargo space to boot. The new car, a used 2008 vovlo cx70. Good deal, super safe and with the built in boosters totally accommodates my kids and again, it is a wagon so lots of space without having to get ANOTHER SUV. If it can do that it can accommodate any family of 5. I love it. But if you don't need as much space as I do we also looked at the Ford Taurus (a beautiful car) and the Toyota Avalon (I used to love my Toyotas but I was too leary with all the recent problems). Finally the Kia Sorrento was a strong contender but alas, the car seats wouldn't fit. Good luck with your search and I am sure Sarah's noble sacrifice will help many families.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss! We finally sold my 98 Golf I bought just after college and even though it was just an eye sore 3rd car taking up space I was sad to see that little thing go…

  8. Oh, girl — now I'm seeing you in all these big cars!!

    It's true — I did send Cheryl your way, for the choc rasp tinis!

    I completely forgot about the Hyundai Santa Fe — My Granny drives one — so you can ask her on Facebook if she likes it. Leia has a Sienna like us, and lots of my friends have Odysseys too.

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