John’s All About Internet Speed and Driving, Not Haikus

— 1 —

Even though I don’t watch HGTV as often as I used to (it just makes me grumpy because I can’t actually do any of the things on the shows) I am still on their email list, so I recently entered the Blog Cabin Sweepstakes, and was doing the video tour when my son came in. I asked him how he’d like to live in this beautiful house on the river, with a two-story boathouse and speedboat. He asked, “What kind of internet connection speed do they have there?” Seriously. Offer the kid a speedboat and he wants faster internet. It’s all about priorities, I guess.

— 2 —

 John is fifteen and has made sure we know that he’s in no hurry to drive. Teens can get their permit at sixteen in Kentucky, and have a graduated licensing program. He has recently changed his mind, though, and already has a “driving playlist” set up. Poor thing. I’m not going to remind him that there’s only one functional car in the driveway, and it’s such a tank it would take an Act of God to successfully parallel-park that sucker!

— 3 —

I’ve had a pretty exciting week. I’ve been invited to post regularly on MomPro, a wonderful spiritual site. I rarely post any spiritual content on The Jammie Girl, so I’m looking forward to an outlet for some of my more serious posts. Check it out – I’ve found it to be an uplifting read!

— 4 —

Since I’m in the process of becoming a Brand Partner with Nerium (lots of motivational and instructional stuff!) I’m also gradually changing my bios on various social media sites. It’s amazing how quickly we outgrow those things, isn’t it? I’ve also got Michael trying Nerium, and I’m looking forward to posting his one-week before and after pictures. Mine were truly shocking – huge difference in the fine lines at my eyes and wrinkles on my neck! Contact me if you want to try it!

— 5 —

The other day I was driving the boys home from band practice and I asked, as I usually do, about homework. They both complained about the haikus they had to write about ancient China for World History, and I gushed, “I love writing haikus! It’s so much fun!” (Yeah, I was that kid.) So I came up with about four I thought were pretty good on the way home. Adam was in the back seat, typing them up on his phone. When we got home John asked me if he could use one of mine he’d particularly liked. I said, “No, Adam already wrote them down. He has dibs.”  “But you’re my mom!” John whined. Eventually I gave in, wrote him one, and left it on his keyboard. I was pretty into it by that time, so I said I though it would be fun if all of us communicated only via haiku for the next twenty-four hours. That one got voted down pretty quickly 🙁

— 6 —

Anyone tried out the new series, Intruders? I don’t get it. Yes, I see the similarities to The X-Files, but it’s like they’re only showing every third episode. I hate it when shows try to be so clever that even the writers don’t “get it”.

— 7 —

John has a parade on Saturday morning and a competition that’s not really a competition, but some sort of rankings thing, late Saturday. The buses won’t arrive at school until 2:15 a.m., so this means it will be after three when we get home. So no matter how long my to-do list is none of it will get done Sunday morning this weekend. Hopefully my next-door neighbor on the bedroom side won’t pick this weekend to cut firewood at 8 a.m. Sunday.

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