John’s Birthday and New Appliances!

— 1 —

Breaking Bad.  I’m getting twitchy going through withdrawal.  What a fabulous series.  And with such a diverse audience.  I was surprised enough to learn that Jen from Conversion Diaries was a fan, but then I found out my BFF’s husband, probably the most Godly man and the best biblical scholar I know who isn’t a pastor . . . is a HUGE fan. I watched every episode with John, and we discussed the moral implications of decisions made by characters in the show, and I really did feel like it was a learning experience. Well, except for that brief moment when I wanted to buy an old RV and cook meth in it while storing moonshine in the water tanks.  But I blame that on watching “Moonshiners” at the same time – really not a good combo.

— 2 —

My chiropractor is alive and well, and I was able to make two of the recommended three appointments this week.  Yes, he should have called and told his patients scheduled for treatment that he’d had an emergency (four inches of water in his condo) but I’m willing to cut him some slack because he’s honest and he’s helping me – a combo I haven’t found in a long time and am never likely to see again come January 2014.

— 3 —

I did have one little incident while I was muddling through without my chiropractor.  I made a medication error with my own meds for the first time ever . . . that I know of.  I accidentally took a double dose of my bedtime muscle relaxer.  It’s one many people can take and function normally, but I take it and fall asleep in the middle of sentences.  I took two and lost a whole day, had visual and auditory hallucinations, and was generally non-productive.  Thankfully, the next day was Veteran’s Day and my son was home to make sure I kept breathing and didn’t try to walk to Panera in my jammies.

— 4 —

John turned fifteen this week – my baby!!  Dad and Edie came in and brought an Apple Cake Edie had made.  John fell in love with it last month when we’d celebrated Dad’s birthday, and requested it for his.  Of course our stove had exploded and we weren’t eating anything that couldn’t be cooked in a crockpot or on an electric skillet, so they totally saved the day 🙂  AND they made it possible for John to get an iPhone, which is now attached to his body at all times.  Mom and Greg sent him a birthday card and money with specific instruction: “Buy a new flannel shirt!!”  Yes, he has a favorite plaid flannel shirt that he’s worn constantly for about a year now (including summer) and I know he won’t give it up until it’s in tatters.  I’ve tried.  But I have lots of pictures of him in it, so it will be funny later.

— 5 —

Something quite interesting came up while Dad and Edie were here.  It seems Edie is the Facebook sneak the way I was when my nieces and nephew were younger, and she informed John that he had selected an “Eastern High School” in Connecticut as his school instead of the one in Kentucky.  He looked stunned for a minute, then admitted that guys at lunch had asked him questions about Connecticut that hadn’t made any sense.  *sigh*  This is the kid who talks about Physics to me until my ears bleed, but he can’t select the correct high school on Facebook.

— 6 —

Gratuitous kid pic:


Letter jackets came in this week.  I can’t even tell you how much I love this.  NO ONE wore letter jackets at Aaron’s high school – I don’t even know what a letter jacket from that school would look like.  But when I was in high school letter jackets were uber-cool.  I didn’t have one, because letters weren’t given for academics.  My high school was the one in our town that had one National Merit Finalist the same year another school the same size boasted fourteen.  We graduated guys who couldn’t read, but went on to play basketball for UK.

— 7 —

After two months with no microwave and a week without a stove our appliances got delivered today.  Thank God for the Home Depot card!  The guys couldn’t install the microwave, so no popcorn for now, but just looking at my sleek black fridge and spotless oven and ceramic cooktop makes me smile.  We decided to keep the old fridge in the pantry so I don’t have to chance the stairs to the basement for extra milk or frozen stuff, which I’m sure will be wonderful.  Right now everything’s just cluttered.  Perhaps I can whip everyone into a cleaning and organizing frenzy this weekend!  Yeah, right.

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