Just Buy a New One

I try to be frugal at every opportunity, and environmentally friendly as well. Reduce, reuse, recycle. If something breaks I really do attempt to repair it before just tossing it in the trash and heading out shopping for a new whatever-it-is. Or maybe the broken thing can be used for something else. I think about these things, but sometimes I take it a step too far. Like the time I bought the $30 (plus shipping) red wiggler worms to create a vermicomposting bin. I overwatered my worms, nothing got composted, the rubbermaid container I’d poked air holes in was permanently stinky, and my $30 worms were dead. At least today’s disaster wasn’t smelly. Here’s how it started:

That’s my dog, Sam, modeling the dog snuggie I bought as a Christmas gift for my mom’s dog, Winnie. Keep in mind Winnie is about 1/20th Sam’s size. And yes, Sam did get a milkbone in return for posing for this picture – fair’s fair. You will notice that the “UK” (for University of Kentucky) on the lovely Wildcat-blue snuggie is upside down. That’s because I ironed them on while chit-chatting on the phone and screwed it up. And those things WILL NOT come off once you’ve ironed them on, let me tell you. Now, rather than be wasteful and throw away the snuggie (where it would take up a wee little bit of space in a landfill) and drive to Walgreen’s to get another snuggie and the craft store to get more iron-on letters (burning fossil fuel all along the way) I decided to fix it myself, at home, with things I had on hand. Yeah, I was just about breaking my arm patting myself on the back for this idea. I used a washable marker to trace an oval around the letters, cut it out, turned it upside down, and used a clothing-repair patch to attach it with its proper orientation. The I was going to use some white embroidery floss to do some decorative stitching around the oval. Cute, huh? This is what really happened:
I followed the directions on the package – I swear! But the iron melted the snuggie into a gooey Wildcat-blue mess. See it stuck all over the iron? Do you know how much a new iron is going to cost? FORTY DOLLARS! That’s enough to buy FOUR dog snuggies, in case anyone’s counting.
Sometimes it really is better to just buy a new one – trust me on this.

I know this isn’t really a frugal tip in the truest sense, but I’m still going to share it with everyone at The Thrifty Home’s Penny Pinching Party. Drop by there every Wednesday for some REAL frugal tips!

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6 thoughts on “Just Buy a New One”

  1. Thankfully, the snuggie goo did peel off the iron after it cooled overnight, so all was not lost. I'm considering this experience a warning!

  2. I think that is a great tip. I had a small Christmas tree with optical fiber lights that stopped working. To buy a new light to repair it was $15, but I waited until after Christmas and got a brand new tree (same exact one) for $5. I felt bad sending the old tree to a landfill, so I donated it to the thrift store. Sorry about your iron. I saw an iron in a black friday add for $5 though.

  3. I just remembered a great tip to clean your iron. If you go to the fabric store you can buy cloths that you run your iron on and they clean all of the melted mess off. I did this with my iron after melting similar material on it and it worked! Sorry I don't know what the cleaning cloths are called.

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