Just the Dogs and Me

— 1 —

John went back to school Tuesday, so I had all these great plans for the things I was going to accomplish with only the dogs for company all day long.  You know what they say about the best-laid plans *sigh*

— 2 —

I had a list of things I wanted to do every day on my Wunderlist app (GREAT app!) and Tuesday I got all those things except one done!  Of course, that meant I completely overdid it and have spent the rest of the week in more pain than usual, getting pretty much nothing done.  The only thing I’ve gotten checked off my list every day is prayer.  I guess if nothing else I at least have my priorities in order.

— 3 —

Last year the final semester of school with John was torture.  So I read some “parenting teens” books to try to find a way to make this year more pleasant for both of us.  The consensus was that I need to control my tendency to micromanage and just set some boundaries with known consequences.  We made a plan together and talked a lot about issues other than academics.  We even put together a contract.  So far, so good.

— 4 —

Then last night Michael and I got to meet John’s teachers.  It wasn’t the full-school Open House where you get ten minutes in each classroom and no chance to really talk to any of the teachers, either.  It was just for his “team” and I as soon as the group broke up I made a beeline for first his computer teacher (he wants to attend a computer science magnet school next year) and then his Math teacher (Math was frustrating for John last year, and it’s been too long since I’ve done this stuff for me to be of any help).  I drug John along with me to make sure the teachers would match a face with a name, and Michael just leaned against the door frame until I was ready to leave.  He’s learned that at these sorts of events I have a game plan and the best thing for him to do is just stay out of my way.

— 5 —

I’m hoping there will be a check in my mailbox today from CIGNA, my disability insurance provider and arch-nemesis.  I called last week because I hadn’t received my August check yet, and on Tuesday got a call back from someone newly assigned to my account.  This makes approximately ten people I have had to deal with at the same company.  This guy apologized, said someone had just forgotten to put me in the system to automatically receive a check, and that my check should be sent out of the tenth of every month.  I told him it would have been really nice if that had happened this month because I would have been able to pay my mortgage on time rather than incurring the $85 late fee.  He actually sounded concerned and intelligent, and I copied down all his contact information.  We’ll see if things get better (I’m not holding my breath).

— 6 —

I’m praying hard this week for two good friends who are going through difficult parenting transitions.  Dianna goes back to work tomorrow after maternity leave, and Kim has sent her eldest off to college.  Those are both such painful adjustments, but honestly I think to off-to-college one is the hardest.  It was for me, anyway.

— 7 —

Uh-oh.  Just realized I never took my phone off mute after last night’s meeting at school and Aaron is missing his marching shoes.  Must go scour his room and ship them to him.  It’s nice to feel needed 😉

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