Kelley’s Keys to Being a Skinny Bitch

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I’m down five founds from last week – yay me!!
The day after I started my new diet and exercise plan last week I got an email from my friend, Kelley.  It had a lot of fabulous tips, and a very thought-provoking theory about WHY we are all having so much trouble keeping our weight down.  I loved it, and asked if I could share it.  So without further ado, here’s today BeSkiBiMo post for the week – a guest post from Kelley!
Here are a few insightful tips I have picked up along the way in my never-ending quest to fit into a smaller size pair of jeans.
Tip # 1:  Avoid weighing yourself every day.
If you do weigh yourself, do it naked and do it at the same time each time you do it but only weigh yourself first thing in the morning right after getting out of bed.  Why you ask?….because the effects of gravity are the lowest at this time and your weight will be the lightest of the day.  As the day progresses you add water weight and gravity helps to “pack” our bodies down thus creating more mass.  Hey, I’ll take that extra .5 lb off.  Weighing yourself is actually a demotivator to weight loss.  As soon as you see the lower number you will want to reward yourself and that usually means eating something you shouldn’t.  Which leads me to
Tip # 2:  Don’t go by weight, go by inches.
Experts say to adjust your eating and exercise program to how your clothes fit/feel.  This plays into the above tip because as we age our bodies change and we can’t judge ourselves by a number on a scale.  Being over 40 our metabolism slows down.  They say it is due to loss of muscle mass which lowers our metabolism.  I personally think this is a crock ….Yes, I have lost muscle but even spending 11 hours a week in the gym pumping weights did not speed up my metabolism…it’s gone.  Here’s my theory….stay with me, there’s science involved behind this I swear…..for the entire history of human kind, our life expectancy up until the past 100 yrs has been hovering around 35-45. Thus, as a race our genetic disposition is to stop working at this point.
Yes, there is back up for another 40 yrs or so but at a substantial cost to the body.  Nothing works like it should, hence, cardiac diseases, diabetes, cancers, etc.  Our bodies were designed to be used up by this point since we had reproduced and could no longer propagate the species, hence mother nature has no further need of us after this age and needs us to die so we can recycle ourselves back into the earth.  Along comes the 20th century, we start beating disease via antibiotics and antivirals, we understand disease prevention techniques and thus we are living longer.  OK great, but here is the kicker, our genetic disposition hasn’t caught up and we are stuck because we used all of our bodies resources at an earlier age.  So, the body starts to gain weight, putting more stress on the body to give out.  Ok, back to inches……here is how we trick mother nature.  Muscle takes up less space than fat on our bodies by creating lean muscle, you will in fact appear to be a skinny bitch regardless of what that scale says.  Fact: I have never weighted more than I do in my entire life according to the scale, however, I still fit into a size 6 jean.  How you ask?
Ok here comes the fun stuff;  NEVER LET YOUR BODY REST WHEN IT IS AWAKE!!!  You are the busiest person I know, however, your activities are not “for the benefit of the body”. Here’s an example; you’re at a stop light….you pick up your phone check emails, twitter off a few tweets and then keep driving.  What did you do during that time to “keep the body active”?  Nothing……instead, do the same thing just add: butt squeezes, holding your abdominals in, running while seated…..things that build muscle and keep it active.  Same thing goes while reading labels or standing in line at the grocery, do calf raises, more butt squeezes, rear leg raises, etc.  Watching TV????  HAHAHAHA……….get up during the commercials and get additional cardio in, do jumping jacks, crunches, jump rope, run in place, etc……NEVER LET THE BODY REST WHILE YOU ARE AWAKE.  Think about it this way also, 100 yrs ago we were always moving, we had to just to survive.  Hand washing clothes, raising our own food and animals, weaving and sewing clothes, we couldn’t stop and watch a soap opera.  Change your mind frame to accept that you must aways be doing an activity for the benefit of keeping the body active.
Tip #3: Nutrition
Understand portion control and really learn about what is in our food.  I am fatter now because of the processed foods I am forced to buy that are available to me.  While eating out, look at the portions.  A portion of lean protein should be the size of the palm of my hand….no more.  My hand size works for me, not the girls, or Mike, or my neighbor.  1/2 cup is considered a portion for veggies and starches.  Ever get a 1/2 cup of anything at a restaurant?  When Mike and I go out, which is a lot since we are still in that dating phase….we agree on 1 entree and add a salad for each of us.  During the first 2 yrs we dated, I gained 20 pounds because we each got our own entree…, I’m just a cheap date, hey with a coupon I’m sometimes a free date.  Also learn the fat content to what you are eating. For yrs I thought eating baked fish was healthier than eating lean meats…..depends upon the fish.  Today the market is flooded with tilapia, love the stuff….go find out how much fat is in it versus say halibut or cod or roughy…’ll be amazed at how different they are.
Tip #4 (and the most helpful tip): Avoid all soft drinks, fried foods, trim fat intake to a minimum and work the resistance weights.
They benefit you more because they are BOTH a cardio workout as well as a resistance workout.  I adopted a workout approach years ago by Joyce Varga.  Super sets.  Most weight training workouts tell you to rest between series of reps….not Joyce, she said to go on to the next muscle group without a rest…guess what you get for that?…….more calories burned.  I look like I’m jacked up on speed rushing through the gym from machine to machine.  I don’t rush through the reps, just the time in between machines. To really maximize that approach, do a set, jump rope for 30 seconds, do a set, jump rope for 30 seconds, etc.  talk about calories burned….whew!
There really isn’t a magic answer. It truly is just about calorie count, making sure what goes in is the same as what is put back out.  To lose, less in, more out, to maintain, balance between the two.  I can also say that you have to reward yourself along the way.  Build some special incentives into the month as each milestone is reached.  Remember it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, by the end of the month, this should be a lifestyle, no longer just a diet.  Piss on Mother Nature, she can’t recycle me yet!!!     ~Kelley
By the way, Kelley doesn’t have her own blog, nor does she tweet.  Don’t you guys think she should do one or both?  Please give us some input here!
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8 thoughts on “Kelley’s Keys to Being a Skinny Bitch”

  1. Great stuff! I am so on board with the “don’t go by weight” part. I started running 4 months ago in hopes of losing 40 lbs. I’ve only lost 10ish, but I’m down two whole sizes. Clearly something is working… Keep the good info coming!

  2. Oh my, great job in losing the 5 pounds! All the above is true, and what I try and do is increase my water intake through out the day. It keeps you hydrated, helps keep your skin looking young, prevents headaches (which I tend to get) AND it helps flush out all the yucky stuff you ingest during the day.

    Oh, also a handful of chocolate at mid day helps me out, too! As my husband says, “Everything in moderation!” Good luck! : )

    1. Thank you! I do notice a big difference with increased water intake, and somehow after a few days I find myself getting thirsty more often, almost like my body is “reminding me” to keep up the increased intake 🙂

      1. Water fights fatigue which comes from lowering your calorie intake. Drink a full glass of cold water (you’ll burn calories warming it up to body temp and it will shrink your stomach) and within 30 mins you’ll have more energy. Skip the sugar for your energy! Here’s another tip: take your current weight multiply by 11 for females and 16 for males. This will give you the calorie count you need everyday to maintain your current weight. To lose drop the number and add exercise, as you lose weight always adjust your calorie intake to your new number or you’ll gain it back!

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