Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glasses Giveaway

It’s the first Blog Derby Party Giveaway and these are a must-have for any Derby Party. I’m giving away a set of two Official Kentucky Derby 136 Mint Julep glasses. This year’s logo is on the front and, as always, all the past Derby winners are on the back. It’s a cocktail and a history lesson in one! Let’s make it easy – no fancy rules or hoops you have to jump through, just leave me a comment telling me what you’ll be drinking out of these Derby Glasses and I’ll pick a winner at random. Will it be sweet tea? Your favorite party punch? Or will you be a serious Derby party-goer and sip a mint julep? (Don’t worry, we’ll get you a recipe in plenty of time!) So leave me a comment today or tomorrow and make sure you have your email address in your profile so I can contact you. I’ll pick a winner Wednesday morning and ship your glasses out right away so you’ll be ready for the big day May 1st.
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5 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glasses Giveaway”

  1. Of course I'm having a Mint Julep! Another nice drink for these beautiful glasses would me Bourbon Tea, I think it has another name, but that's what I've always called it. A healthy shot of bourbon in your favorite sweet tea, lots of ice and a sprig of mint. I'm loving your party.

  2. I believe that sweet tea would be my drink of choice, but maybe a shot of whiskey could add a kick to it. Looking forward to reading more about the Derby! Really like this idea of yours!

  3. I have to be truthful — I would probably be drinking Sprecher Lo-Cal Root Beer — made with real Wisconsin honey in a brewery not too far away. But I would promise to think Southern thoughts while I read the list of Derby winners. Looking forward to all your Derby posts.

  4. It will either be sweet tea or a milt julep, as every good KY girl should be drinking in their Derby glasses.

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