Kim the Triathlete

It’s Feel Good Friday and I want to give a big shout-out to my friend Kim, who biked/swam/ran in a Triathlon this past Sunday in 2 hours 40 minutes! It makes me feel good just to say it: “Yeah, my friend Kim just finished a Triathlon.” I can’t help but smile.
You may remember Kim as the kind soul who drove 8 hours to totally save my ass (sorry, there’s just no other phrase that conveys what I mean) for Aaron’s high school graduation. This is not the best picture of her, but it’s the only one I have from that visit that is in focus – she was constantly in motion! I was worried that her coming to visit that close to her event would throw off her training schedule, because I’m quite sure nothing I cooked was on her training diet. She improvised, though, and got right back on her training schedule when she went home. In the text she sent me after the race Kim said, “I hope I have been a role model for my kids and that I have shown them that women are strong.” I’m so proud of you, Kim! You are an inspiration to all of us early-forties girls who are starting to wonder if our goals are realistic – hell, yeah, they are!! You rock, girlfriend!

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3 thoughts on “Kim the Triathlete”

  1. That is really awesome. I have those thoughts too and I am only 37.

    One thing I do know I can't do… I tried to lift my leg to the back of my head like they do in figure skating. Ummmm…. yeah…. I can not do that at all.

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