Learning to Love Fashion Again!

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When you’re overweight shopping isn’t fun. Your favorite clothes don’t fit right, and it’s hard to feel your confident best. But when you are obese you simply don’t shop. At least I didn’t.

If I had to have clothes I ordered them online, or bought them at thrift stores. I have even bought bathing suits online. The whole experience is depressing. Clothes that fit are ugly, expensive, and tend toward black, navy, large florals, and ruffles. Those can be found in the “fat lady stores” or the Plus section of department stores, usually tucked into a back corner of department stores. In Kohl’s it’s near the workout gear. Can you be more insulting? Perhaps put up a sign saying “specially reinforced floor for YOUR protection!”?

But I digress. I’m dropping pounds and inches like someone turned my metabolism up to eleven when I had surgery (please tell me someone still gets that reference) and even though I’m still overweight I’m no longer obese. And I’m starting to actually care about what’s in fashion again. Because I’ve moved from yoga pants and T-shirt to jeans and T-shirt with the possibility of seriously cute outfits in my near future.

But I can’t go out and buy clothes right now, because I’m a dieter-in-progress. The first time I wore the pair of jeans I have on today they were a bit snug. Now they’re comfy, but a bit loose. The next time I put them on they may fall off. I’m talking about over the course of a week, here. I now wear only cute underwear just in case.

So for now I’m reading a few fashion bloggers, such as Amanda at The Creative Brief, and following some style bloggers on Instagram. And I’m showing my new fashion sense on my nails! I can put on Jamberry wraps or a gel manicure and not have to change for two weeks! Amanda featured the latest in Fall nail trends recently, and I was quite pleased to find that her selections perfectly matched what Jamberry offered!

Metallics: Amanda even chimed in to my party to validate that this IS an important nail trend for Fall. (Left to right) You can go for a little shimmer with Stargazing (on my toes right now); Silver Floral, a clear overlay to boost the oomph on your favorite polish; or Butterfly Effect, a full-out coppery bit of happiness right on your fingertips!
I can’t really say Butterfly Effects looks blingy enough in the catalogue pic. Go to my Jamberry FB page to see if on my nails (my profile pic). Since I’m slow out of the gate on fashion this year I truly hadn’t fallen in love with Marsala, Pantone’s color of the year for 2015, until recently. OK, I didn’t realize there was a color of the year until recently. Thankfully, Jamberry was way ahead of me.
See how many of them have metallic accents? Sparkling Marsala is my favorite, but those elephants in Marsala Palace do call to me!! And if you’re balking at the prices remember: every full sheet does two full manis, two full pedis, with leftovers for accent nails – WOW! Now this one shocked me: light colors. Like the well-brought-up Southern girl I am I tucked away my white shoes, purses, pants, and skirts after Labor Day. My grandmother would truly rotate in her grave if I’d worn white linen last Saturday, I swear. But, we can wear white on our nails! My grandmother didn’t cover this, so I feel safe in doing so (since Amanda says I can).Oh, the options! There’s a Porcelain gel polish I was dying to get, but crossed it off my list ’til Spring. It’s back on again, baby! I’m tip-toeing in cautiously with Faux Fox on the left (Isn’t he adorable? He has a kids’ version, too!) but you can go with a graphic clear overlay like White Chevron (middle) or dive into the deep end of the pool and do your own gel manicure at home with Porcelain (right) and save a bundle in the process!
white after labor day
TIP: Hosting a Jamberry online party earns you free stuff, half-price stuff, free wraps, and other discounts depending on your party volume. Hosting a FB party (you invite people, I’ll do all the posting!) is a fabulous and frugal way to start doing your own gel nails, saving time and money!

I haven’t given away all Amanda’s Fall nail tips, so you need to go read her post! Then hop over to my Jamberry site, where I just started a new UK and UofL party. Browse, ask me questions – I love questions! And rock your nails this Fall!

Oh, and don’t forget to peek at the holiday wraps. They are TOO cute! (And these are just the Fall ones!)

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