Leftovers ~ Lunchbag Week 23

Over the weekend I cooked a turkey and made a meatloaf (OK, my sweet hubby Michael made the meatloaf) just so we’d have leftovers for the week. What’s yummier for lunch than a meatloaf sandwich or a nice thick turkey sandwich? AND the turkey carcass will make a nice Turkey Noodle Soup and there’s plenty of turkey for Hot Browns, which we’re having for supper tonight. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself – now if only I could plan meals this well every week. As if.

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One thought on “Leftovers ~ Lunchbag Week 23”

  1. That meatloaf looks SO good! We haven't had that for awhile..I might make some later this week!

    And I have a turkey in the freezer just begging to be cooked! Do you have a specific recipe you use to make the turkey noodle soup?

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