Letter from Sam

Dear Mom,

Things have been kind of crazy around here lately. For most of the summer you’ve either been crying and hugging Aaron or yelling at him and waving your arms around. Then last weekend you packed all of his stuff up and went somewhere without me. When you came home Aaron wasn’t with you. There are no piles of dirty clothes and damp towels on the floor in his room for me to sleep on, and that cuddly girl with the long hair has only been by once. What’s going on?

John’s been lounging around with me all summer, and now he gets up early and goes outside , then doesn’t come back until after you get home from work. Is this school? And if it’s school, why isn’t there carpool? I LOVE carpool, even though you don’t take me very often since that time I jumped out the window. I was just so excited!

And where are my friends? I had friends over to visit all the time this summer and I miss them. It’s lonely without Winnie or Taffy or Rowdy or Max. Can Blaze come over? How about Annie and Mazzy?

By the way, you’re not serious about this “Doggy Weight Loss Plan” are you? Because you know I’m a beautiful full-figured girl and my preferred form of exercise is changing positions on the sofa. I’ll go for a walk if you insist, but I’m not giving up my Beggin’ Strips.

Love, Sam

Inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop

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8 thoughts on “Letter from Sam”

  1. Bless her heart she doesn't have a clue where eveyone went. How sweet. I'll see about Annie and Mazzy planning a play date soon.

    Sam don't give up those Beggin Strips for anyone!

  2. What a brilliant perspective! Love it! When there are changes at home, we often forget how it affects the 4 legged members of the family.

  3. HOLY Crap, that is the cutest picture I've ever seen. Your dog is extremely talented to write you a letter..maybe I should bring Logan, Frankie, LUcy and Ruby over for lessons..

    ps..we are a beggin' strip family too..

  4. Are you sure that my beagle, Daisy, didn't write this?! A carpool fiasco happened with us, too. Daisy jumped out of the minivan as the girls were unloading, and then she got all freaked out and scared and was running into traffic . . . I nearly had a heart attack. My Daisy Doodle is also a full-figured girl who enjoys a good 4-hour nap in the middle of the day.

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