Letter to My Inner Critic

4.) Write a letter to whatever is stopping you from losing the extra weight you’d like to lose.

That’s the prompt from Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop I’m using this week. Thanks to Tara from Feels Like Home I am currently involved in Freeman Michael’s Service to Self Weight Release Journey, which has made me MUCH more insightful about my behavior patterns, especially eating and exercise. It’s not an “eat this, don’t eat that, weight every week” sort of plan. It goes to the root of the problem: WHY you choose to eat what you eat and WHY you choose you lifestyle and behavior patterns the way you do. And it’s not goal-driven, it’s process-driven, so it really is a journey! Therefore, writing this letter is now easy-peasy, where it wouldn’t have been a couple of months ago.

Attention Inner Critic:(and yes, my inner critic does look like Angelina Jolie, thank you very much)

You have no power over me any more. You can keep whispering in my ear all you like, I know the truth. I KNOW that I am worth investing time, money, and effort in. I deserve to look great and feel great. Taking the time to take care of myself does NOT mean I’m a slacker as a wife, mother, or nurse. Taking better care of myself will actually improve my performance in all these roles. Eating when I’m stressed will NOT make be feel better, but if I slip back into old patterns of behavior temporarily that doesn’t make me a bad person, either. Change doesn’t have to happen overnight, and life is not all-or-nothing, good-or-bad, fat-or-thin. It’s about the journey, not the endpoint. Oh, and guess what? I LIKE me!

Sincerely, the REAL Angie

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