Looking for a New Series? Download Invisible Prison!

If you write fiction you’ve probably heard of Mary Buckham.  I’ve taken two of her classes and found them to be the most powerful and enlightening of any classes I’ve taken.  But Mary also practices what she preaches!  Her new Novella, Invisible Prison, was one I couldn’t put down.

I’m anxiously awaiting the rest of the series this novella began. I’ve just downloaded INVISIBLE MAGIC BOOK ONE: ALEX NOZIAK (INVISIBLE RECRUITS), the first in the series, and the next one is due out in May 🙂

But back to the novella. Alex Noziak is part-witch, part-shaman. She’s in prison for a murder she committed protecting her brother, and then receives an irresistible offer. She’ll be released from prison if she agrees to train with a group of others with “special talents”. The group dynamics are compelling, since no one knows what anyone else’s “talents” might be or whom to trust. When it becomes obvious someone in the group is targeting Alex the stakes are raised to life-or-death rather than just prison-or-training. It’s a fast-paced, gripping read with fascinating characters that I quickly connected with. Even if you don’t normally read paranormal give this one a try – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 😉 Best of all, it’s free right now for Amazon Prime members and just $1.99 for everyone else. I love a bargain!

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