Looking Forward to March

I was thrilled when the SITS girls offered me an opportunity to do a post for the American Cancer Society campaign, because I’ve got cause for a big celebration in just a few months.  In March of 2012 my mom will have been cancer-free for five years.  For those of you lucky enough to have never dealt with cancer, five years is the “magic number”.  Five years means you’re cured and there’s a much lower risk of that nasty monster coming back.

My mom had breast cancer, spindle cell breast cancer, which is a particularly fast-growing and difficult to treat type.  She went through a difficult surgery and chemotherapy that was horrific.  She’s a fighter, though, and pushed through the complete and total exhaustion, the hair loss, and the terrifying respiratory complication she had with her final chemo treatment.  We picked out a cute wig together and she had me trim her remaining hair very shirt for her when the time came to wear it.  She worked full-time throughout the process, and how she managed that I simply do not know.  But she’s strong.  Strong enough to beat an ugly neoplastic cancer and determined enough to make sure she got the thorough follow-up care she’s needed since then.

So I proudly support the work the American Cancer Society does, because it means my mom was able to watch my eldest son perform in his college’s marching band, and that she’ll see the ring he put on the finger of his new fiance this Christmas.  I may even be able to talk her into wearing a dress to the wedding (she hates dresses).

No, he doesn't go to UK, but Mom wears UK apparel ALL THE TIME

So please take a moment to watch the following video from the American Cancer Society, because of all they do for the cancer patients across the country.

*disclaimer: This post is sponsored by American Cancer Society.

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One thought on “Looking Forward to March”

  1. It’s so good to hear that your mother has reached the 5 year mark. She sounds like a fighter and must be an example for all of you to follow. I found your blog by chance but I will be back often. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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