Lose the Weight, Keep the Hair

Getting enough protein is a daily battle for anyone who has had a gastric sleeve or any other bariatric surgery. It can also be hard for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or anyone who’s lactose intolerant. But I’ve finally found a fabulous fallback option for those days there is just no way you’re going to get your protein requirements naturally: trusource PROTEINWATER.

trusource proteinwater

I was so afraid I was going to lose all my hair during the first few months after surgery.  I was on liquids for a full month, and after that the portion sizes I could tolerate were very small. And it didn’t take long for just the thought of those protein shakes made me gag.

I wish I’d had this to fall back on during my clear liquids phase. It tastes like orange Kool-Aid (there’s a blueberry flavor, too) and I found it at my regular grocery, Kroger, right along with the SlimFast and all that other stuff. Eighty calories and twenty grams of protein? Oh, hell yes!! And whatever artificial sweetener it contains didn’t even give me the headache I usually get from anything sugar-free. Yes, it’s pricey. A four-pack costs just under $10.  But I suspect I’ll only use it once a week, or even once every two weeks. And it’s worth it for my piece of mind every time I brush my hair.

No, no one supplied me with this product or paid me to write about it. Of course if they read this and want to hire me as a spokesperson I wouldn’t say no 😉 I just wanted to share something that’s given me peace of mind. I’ll be sharing it at my Bariatric Surgery Support Group tomorrow.  Feel free to share the post with anyone you know who needs it!

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