Losing the Weight and Changing My Life


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Yes, I’m posting late! But I spent my morning binge-watching some DVRd Real Housewives of Orange County episodes, which was awesome! I went to another Bariatric Support Group meeting last night, and I’m SO glad I did! First of all, I got to spent time with a friend of mine who had a gastric band a couple of years ago, and has gained a lot of her weight back. We’re going to hold each other accountable for emotional eating!!

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 We covered so much ground in one short hour, but one of the topics we discussed was blocking out “you time”. Not for exercising or catching up on your food journal, but just to do things you enjoy. Like binge-watch reality TV 🙂 One of the other patients mentioned how frustrated she was when her family and friends constantly asked how much weight she’d lost or called having bariatric surgery “cheating” – as if it wasn’t as hard as losing weight through diet and exercise alone. She’s a couple of years out, and looks fantastic, but her comments really hit me hard. I’ve been doing that to myself. When people notice that I’m smaller I usually respond by telling them exactly how much I’ve lost in what amount of time, and that I “cheated” and had a gastric sleeve. I’ve been totally minimizing my work.

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It’s not all about the weight. It’s about bringing my blood pressure down from its usual “holy crap!” level, and hopefully lessening my lower back pain. It’s about delaying the progression of my spinal disease, because medical science has nothing left to offer me. It’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and modeling that for my family. And it’s about feeling better about myself. The scale, the pedometer, the food diary – they are just tools, not entities to be loved or hated or be made a slave to.

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Before surgery I used to be a total pasta and bread addict. I could eat both every meal. But now that I’m watching my portions and am more aware of my protein needs I’m not even tempted. I’d rather have more veggies. And I realized that my diet recently has been pretty much gluten-free, just by accident. That may be part of why I’ve felt so good since very early post-op. Just a thought.

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I read a new Charlaine Harris book the other day called Day Shift. If you’ll remember, she wrote the Sookie Stackhouse books HBO turned into a hot mess after the first few seasons. Her writing is fabulous, and these new characters already make me want to move in next door. Keep ’em coming, Charlaine!

— 6 —

The new season of Call the Midwife is up on Netflix, but I’ve only had time to watch the first episode. It reminds me of my love for the Catholic Church and its ministries as well as my love of Nursing. And #ShareYourStethoscope, the group that took over Social Media for a while there, reminded me that I’ll always be a nurse, even though I can’t practice my profession any longer.

— 7 —

Tomorrow will be my first opportunity to see John march, and I can hardly wait! I have a Nerium event in the late morning, then I’ll have time to come home and rest before our ten-minute drive to see the finals competition. Hopefully all will go well. One of the drum line members is out with mono and two color guard members had to be admitted to the hospital during a practice that lasted from after-school until nine o’clock. Fast food restaurants aren’t allowed to work teens that hard, so why is it allowed for extra-curricular activities? John and many of his friends are frustrated and exhausted. They are tired of staying up half the night to do homework and study after long hours of band practice, and I don’t blame him. He doesn’t even seem to be enjoying band this year, and unless something changes drastically he won’t be marching next year. In fact, there would be no point in him even continuing in Concert Band after the marching season is over. We’ll see.

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2 thoughts on “Losing the Weight and Changing My Life”

    1. I’m all about “everything in moderation”, so I don’t plan to avoid gluten altogether. I’m just going to try to be more aware of how I feel after eating particular things. After decades as a cardiac nurse I didn’t think a protein-rich diet would make me feel good at all, so now I’m just trying to keep an open mind and “go with the flow” 😉

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