Lost and Dental Emergencies ~ Not a Good Combo

— 1 —

Slacker blogger checking in. It’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about, really, it’s just that I’ve been involved with other things. Like dental emergencies and the TV series equivalent of crack cocaine. Yes, I’m on of the final people in the U.S. to watch Lost, and I’m totally hooked. I never watched it when it was on, because it sounded too much like Survivor. But no! It’s Gilligan’s Island . . .if Stephen King wrote it. LOVE. IT.

— 2 —

The dental emergency was a lower molar that has abcessed a time or two weeks, maybe months ago that I’s swished coconut oil daily to get rid of. Then the tooth cracked, and I used super glue to seal it. Then the super glue wore away and I superglued it again. Then, of course, I ended up looking like a chipmunk with elephantiasis of the cheek, writhing around in pain even while doubling my daily narcotics dose. My dentist wasn’t pleased. He wanted to do a root canal and a crown, but the last crown I had laid me up in bed for a week with neck spasms, so I talked him into just pulling it. Four days later I’m still a bit swollen, but the pain is gone (or at least less than my neck pain, which amounts to the same thing in my world).

— 3 —

John’s gradually increasing his activity to prepare for band camp. I need to return his crutches, but he’s still using a brace or wrap all the time, and he’s only taken one long walk. He’s washing dishes and taking out trash again (his assigned chores) and the other day he asked me if I knew of any dirty forks in the house. I thought it an odd question since we don’t normally scatter food-stained cutlery about, but he insisted he had to have an odd number of forks before starting the dishwasher. That’s my son – he has my eyes and my psych issues.

— 4 —

We had family in from Dayton last weekend for a wedding, and they mentioned that the reception would be at the Seelbach. The ballroom there was evidently one of the inspirations for The Great Gatsby, so both my nieces had wanted to dress with twenties flair. Lauren borrowed a fringy dress from a friend, but Emily couldn’t find anything she liked. I crossed my fingers and opened my cedar chest. Inside was a top of their great-grandmother’s I’d worn once to a Christmas party ages ago. It fit Emily perfectly, but Lauren insisted they would be sharing it 😉 Aren’t they gorgeous?!


— 5 —

My iPad started acting weird, and I decided I’d figure out how to fix it myself. After two hours of searching the internet and trying everything possible I gave up and texted my son Aaron (AKA my own personal, very compassionate and patient IT guy). While I was texting him my list of problems John, the fifteen-year-old who’d just awakened for the day (at about 4pm) turned it off and back on and fixed everything. I’m sure Aaron got a good laugh about that.

— 6 —

I’m going to be sending out emails this week to one brand-new blogger and one experienced blogger who’s been out of the loop for a couple of years. Any tips you wish you’d had early on? Please share and I’ll pass them along.

— 7 —

Once I manage to call a halt to my Lost marathon and cross a few things off my to-do list I have four books I am dying to read: The Saint by Tiffany Reisz, Unholy Bonds by Leslie Lynch, Nefarious by Tina D.C. Hayes, and the latest Janet Evanovich (I’ve lost track of the numbers, but it’s in the Stephanie Plum series). What are you reading?

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One thought on “Lost and Dental Emergencies ~ Not a Good Combo”

  1. I’ve been at this for 14 years and my big tip is to just be yourself. Most of the people I read are on my blogroll because they’re different enough from me that they’re interesting.

    I also love link-ups — they give me blog fodder when I’m having writer’s block.

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