Love Letter to Sam

I haven’t done Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop in a while, so here’s the prompt I’ve chosen this week. Stop by, choose your own, and join in!
5.) Write a love letter to the object of your affection.

My Sweet Saminda (“Sam”) ~ You are always there for me. When my alarm goes off at 3:15 am you follow me to the bathroom and lie on the floor so the bathmat is toasty warm when I step out of the shower. Then you keep me company while I eat breakfast and check my email (and harvest a few crops on Farmville). The only thing you expect in return is having your ears rubbed (and half my breakfast). When I come home you greet me at the door and are THRILLED to see me. You enjoy a nice walk, but prefer a good nap (me, too!) and you chase the squirrels and rabbits in only the most casual way. Even they know there’s no way you’ll make the extra effort to catch them. Your big brown eyes and soft, floppy ears are so appealing that I don’t even mind when you snore in my ear and hog the bed. You’ve stayed by my side during the long weeks of recuperation from two major surgeries this year and you’ve faithfully guarded the house throughout the kitchen renovations. By the way, you can stop barking at Mark now – he’s been working at the house every day for the past five months – it’s OK. Best of all, you don’t talk. I love my husband and sons dearly, but sometimes I just need some girl time with someone furry and quiet. I love you, you big, goofy moose of a dog!
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3 thoughts on “Love Letter to Sam”

  1. Ove the picture! And the letter…there is just something about the unconditional loyalty of a big, loving dog. 🙂

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