Lowe’s Taunts Me

I really want this in my backyard:

but I have these:

and I think the two are mutually exclusive.  I’m not sure why I subscribe to these super-cool emails from Lowe’s, since all they do is taunt me with their “Build It In a Weekend!” perkiness and pictures of fabulous outdoor living spaces, water features, and hand-made furniture that I couldn’t recreate without eight weeks, a team of professionals, and a second mortgage.  I’d really love to have fresh eggs, though . . . but not enough to clean up chicken guts and floss feathers out of the dogs’ teeth on a regular basis.

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9 thoughts on “Lowe’s Taunts Me”

  1. What they are not showing you is the chicken poop and how bad that smells. I’m very lucky I can buy fresh eggs from the neighbors and they can worry about the mess.

  2. I have always wanted a cute chicken coop and chickens. But never have taken the leap! I don’t really need anything else to take care of do I?

    Hope you are feeling better…..

    1. I am feeling better, thanks! You are so right about not needing anything else to take care of. I’d NEVER be able to go on vacation if I got chickens. Who would house/dog/chicken sit? Can’t imagine any takers for that!

  3. Boss is seriously offended. He would just lick them to keep their feathers nice and white. Yeah, that’s it. Just to keep them clean. It’s his part in the national movement to Keep America Beautiful. Yeah, a patriotic dog! And he gets slammed like this. Poor pup.

    1. Every time I’ve looked at Boss this morning I’ve visualized him innocently licking a chicken held gently in his big paws. My face is sore from laughing!

  4. That’s HILARIOUS! Girl, you make me laugh! I love it. As a proud chicken owner, they’re great, but they do SMELL. And we have 3 dogs…

    1. The smell might be the deciding factor here. I am VERY sensitive to smells. But seriously, your dogs don’t bother your chickens? I can just see the light in my youngest dog’s eyes every time I bring it up.

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