Maeve’s Baptism

Friday was a very special day for me. Friday I became Maeve’s Godmother. I’d attended noon Mass before the baptism, and it had been a funeral Mass for a very active parishioner and veteran. My eyes teared up when I saw the urn of ashes and the folded flag being carried in the processional, so there was mascara on my handkerchief long before the baptism began. Fr. Scott, the pastor, encouraged the family of the elderly man who had passed away to share their stories, their memories of him not only that day, but at their upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. It made me think of all the stories Maeve would hear as she grew up about her family – her doting grandmothers and her exceptional great-grandmother, her loving parents who weren’t afraid to welcome another baby into an already wild-and-crazy household, her aunts and uncles (both official and unofficial) who fought over the chance to hold her, and the smiling, loving priest who moved so seamlessly from comforting a grieving family to encouraging a growing one.

From me she’ll hear about her sister Rachel, who brought in a stuffed animal and proceeded to give me a biology lesson about the similarities and differences between the tails of foxes and squirrels, and her twin brothers Adam and Thomas, who balanced precariously along the edge of the baptismal pool until Adam dunked a toy car and Thomas bloodied a lip. She’ll hear about her proud father, the calm in the middle of the storm, and her beautiful mother, who couldn’t even read the gift cards without weeping at lunch afterwards.

No scripture today.  None needed.  Catherine Maeve is a scripture passage unto herself and we are all blessed to be part of her life.  Go congratulate Dianna today on the baptism of her youngest:

Saints and Scripture Sunday

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9 thoughts on “Maeve’s Baptism”

  1. Girl, I love you. Thank you for all the years of listening to me stress about parenting and marriage and having a calming effect on me.

    Thinking about Friday, I have no doubt in my mind that I’m FINALLY on the path God intended for me. People like you have been placed in my life at the right place and the right time — to lead me back into my vocation and enrich my life.

    Thank you so much for being there — when Maeve was born (What a wild ride!), and now with her introduction into our beautiful Church.

  2. What sweet words, Angie. You look beautiful and Maeve looks so much like Rachel did when she was baptized. Would have loved to be there, but as I told Dianna, I have had my floors redone and was going in and out the garage door and never thought about the mail, I was so intent on getting everything done and put back in place, I just completely forgot to check the mail. When I got the invitation it was too late to call in to work, but I thought about all of you. Thanks for being such a great friend to my beautiful granddaughter, Dianna and her entire family, even down to Blaze.

    1. It goes without saying that you were the exceptional great-grandmother I was talking about. Every child should be lucky enough to have a great-grandmother as spunky as you are! I was, and I’ll never forget her! And, of course, we can’t leave out Blaze, since he nearly had to deliver Rachel himself (poor dog!)

    2. I do love the whole crazy lot of them dearly – they always make me smile and remind me what’s important in life! I’m so jealous you got your floors redone – just prepping for that at my house would be one of the labors of Hercules!

  3. I’m sitting in my kitchen with tears rolling, thinking about how sweet and beautiful it must have been, Angie, to be a part of that celebration with one of my favorite families & for such a sweet little one. Congratulations, Godmama.

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