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I’m just loving the Penny Pinching Party at The Thrifty Home! Check it out and join in! This week I want to share something that started as a frugal necessity and turned into a family tradition. I make my own cards – birthday cards, Christmas cards, anniversary cards, get well cards, thank you cards, all of it. I’ve done it for several years now, and it’s gotten to the point that if I’m short on time and stop by Hallmark for a card I get a disbelieving look or a “Are you mad at me?” phone call. And the family members all want cards that involve pictures. I used one of my favorite techniques on these two cards that are going out for grandparent birthdays later this month. All of my card techniques are modified scrapbooking techniques, and all my card-making supplies are leftover scraps from scrapbooking, school projects, etc, and that’s where the THRIFTY part comes in – these cards don’t cost ANYTHING!) Here’s the scrapbook page where I used this technique originally:

You start with both a color copy and a B&W or sepia copy of the photo you want to use. I print them up on my regular computer printer for card-making purposes. This stuff is going on someone’s fridge door, not in a frame. You can print on photo paper or card stock, either works well. Cut out or punch out a square around the subject’s face in the color copy. Attach it to a slightly larger piece of black paper for a border (if large enough) or just attach it directly to the B&W or sepia photo with a pop-dot or dimensional adhesive if it’s smaller. I love the way this focuses on the subject without totally cropping out the background. I’m thinking this would make an adorable Christmas card if I could just get everyone in one spot at the same time for a picture – what are the odds??

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One thought on “Make Your Own Cards!”

  1. Love it! You have inspired me to be better at making cards. Homemade cards are always a favorite and sometimes better than the gift. Sometimes you can spend just as long choosing the Hallmark card.

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