Meals to Take to Others

baby maeve
Beautiful Baby Maeve

I’m guest posting at Dianna’s today about ten great meals to take to new moms (or anyone else you want to do something nice for).  I’ve included family favorites like Hot Browns, delicious meals I’ve received like Vegetable Beef Soup, and one of my family’s newest addictions, pancake muffins.  I tried something a little different last weekend and let me tell you, “The baked oatmeal is ready!” does not get people out of bed nearly as quickly as “The pancake muffins are ready!”

Priced at just $4.99, it is now available in every format your little heart could desire at Smashwords, or, if you prefer, it’s also for sale in a Kindle version at Amazon or a Nook version at Barnes and Noble!

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4 thoughts on “Meals to Take to Others”

  1. This list has come at the perfect time for me. My mother-in-law will be released from the hospital tomorrow. She’s recovering from a broken hip and hip replacement surgery. My brother-in-law and I will be sharing the cooking for the next few weeks. I can’t wait to try your Kentucky Hot Brown. I’ve never heard of it before, but it looks delicious.

    1. You are going to love the Hot Brown. It’s so easy and delicious, and freezes perfectly even though you wouldn’t think so with the toast on the bottom!

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