Michael’s Finally Got a Modern Phone

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I completed the Pentecost Novena to the Holy Spirit, and it went so smoothly and was so comforting I decided to jump right into the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena. It’s been especially helpful to have each day’s prayer emailed to me from Pray More Novenas!

— 2 —

I didn’t jump onto the Joss Whedon bandwagon until, oh, a decade late, which is pretty typical for me and TV series. I found Buffy and Angel and Firefly (my fave). But then I found The Dollhouse on Netflix, a series I’d never even heard of. There were only two seasons, but it’s a fascinating series that brings up some timely questions about our society. The first season and the second season have completely different tones, but it’s a natural progression. I really enjoyed it.

— 3 —

Michael got his first smart phone last weekend, which has proved to be entertaining for the entire family 🙂 His first FaceTime call (from Aaron and Catherine in Austin) was like a three stooges movie. He didn’t know how to answer it, and just held the phone to his ear, and I wasn’t much help. I think most of the time Aaron and Catherine had a view of the wall behind us and perhaps partial faces, and we never did figure out how to properly end the call. We heard them laughing on the other end until they took pity on us and hung up!

— 4 —

Just getting the phone itself was an experience. We had a charming young man helping us at the AT&T store, but as we made small talk while waiting for forms to print, calls to go through, contacts to sync, etc we discovered that he’s a bit of a “Sheldon”. He has a “toy room” in his home with a special lock, and all of his collectibles are mint-in-package and he has pictures of them all for insurance purposes. This wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining except that he and his wife are expecting a baby boy this fall 😀 We shared all our John stories, and I think he probably went home that night and cried in his wife’s arms.

— 5 —

We’ve put a few essential apps on for him, but basically Michael just uses the phone to make calls and send texts. He does like having the Siri option for hands-free communication while he’s driving (he’s a courier, so he drives all day) and he’s loaded a bunch of music on for the long runs he’ll be making this weekend.

— 6 —

I’m anxious to get my first emoticon from him. That will be a huge step forward, as he’s always typed out “smiley face” instead of just using a colon and parentheses *sigh*.

— 7 —

The biggest news, though, is John’s sprain. He was at a birthday party for a friend at Sky Zone, and tripped over the walkway five minutes after he arrived and sprained it pretty badly. We’ve been diligent about rest, ice, compression, and elevation. He’s been taking advil for the swelling and I got his a sturdy brace to wear in the daytime. He also used Catherine’s crutches the first few days, but now he’s balking at that, even though he has a limp and the swelling isn’t completely gone. We’ve got a routine pediatrician appointment on Monday, so we’ll see if they think he needs an x-ray. Band camp is creeping ever closer, and the last thing I want is him re-injuring it. The only part of this whole situation he likes it that he hasn’t had to mow the yard 😉

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3 thoughts on “Michael’s Finally Got a Modern Phone”

  1. Angie I just wanted to know I’ve been a reader of your blog for YEARS — I love hearing what you and the family are up to and love your candor and humor.

    I realized today as I wrote MY blog post that I’m guilty of not leaving comments on blogs that I enjoy to let you know that your words aren’t falling on deaf ears (eyes?) and that I read and enjoy and check in regularly!

    Happy Tuesday from Arizona!

    1. Your comment made me realize I have been equally law in posting comments on blogs I read regularly. I nod and smile, laugh out loud, or reach for the tissues – but I don’t often comment. I’m going to rectify that immediately! I’m also glad to have found your blog, since I plan to embark upon the self-publishing journey soon, myself. I’ll be hanging on your every word 🙂 I have several friends who are swimming happily in the selp-pubbed pool and keep telling me the water’s great, but still have a whole passel of ducks to line up!

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