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Thank you to Mary, The Mommyologist, for hosting Mom Sexy and inspiring me to write this post. Check out her blog, she totally rocks – best vlogs ever!
My husband, Michael, and I did something fun a couple of weekends ago that I HIGHLY recommend when you have something to celebrate and want to feel “Mom Sexy”. We booked a night out at a B&B. Not just any B&B, but Central Park Bed and Breakfast in Old Louisville. We’d stayed there once before for an anniversary, and a late celebration of Michael’s birthday seemed like a good excuse to go back. We stayed in the St. James Suite on the third floor of the beautiful old home. Here are a couple of photos courtesy of their website since I didn’t think to take my camera.

This is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, and the windows look out over Central Park. One of these days we’re going to book a room there while the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival is in session and walk over to see the play with a picnic basket of romantic goodies and then walk back across the street to our luxurious room.

This is the bathroom. I really want a bathroom at home with a fireplace, a comfy chaise, and a jacuzzi tub. And a lock on the door, please, because I’m not coming out. We checked in Saturday afternoon and only left for a delicious dinner out at one of Louisville’s best-kept secrets, The Come Back Inn. It’s some of the best Italian food you’ll ever eat, trust me. My romantic husband had packed champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries he’d made himself. It was SOOOO nice to have time to just enjoy being together. Like most couples, our lives seem to be lived in 30-second clips: “Did I tell you that John has to be at school earlier for the field trip?”, “Have you heard back from Mark about the shelves in the living room?”. After about an hour we ran out of stuff like that so say and had actual conversations. And although it didn’t really go with the theme of the romantic night away, we also watched “The Hangover”, which we were evidently the last adults on the planet to see. I’d heard from SO many people how good it was I was ready to be disappointed, but we both laughed ourselves silly and enjoyed watching an “R”-rated movie without checking every 30 seconds to make sure our youngest wasn’t listening at the door. It was nice to just be grown-ups together, something it’s easy to forget. Yes, I had a slightly scary experience with the bikini-prep kit I bought and a nearly heart-stopping scare when I spilled nail polish remover on my new iPhone (“My Precious!”) during my pedicure, but I really felt “Mom Sexy” in the end. Oddly enough, the other two couples who joined us for a fabulous three-course gourmet breakfast the next morning just couldn’t understand why we’d shell out big bucks to stay at a B&B in our own town. Really, doesn’t that sound good to you??

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6 thoughts on “Mom Sexy B&B”

  1. I think it's GREAT you all had that little "trippett". My husband and I try to do that about once-a-year, and it just makes us feel so connected again. Last time we did that, he took me to the U2 concert over in Norman, OK. We made a weekend of it, and had the time of our LIVES! We felt like two school kids! : )

  2. This is SO SO awesome!!! It is definitely Mom Sexy to getaway with your husband and have an overnight just the two of you! It is so important to make time for the two of you to be a couple. My husband and I haven't done this in forever…and we need to change that soon. Thanks for the reminder and thank you so much for linking up!!!

    ps – That B&B looks incredible!

  3. Sounds heavenly!!! We all deserve a get away every now and then… and couple time is so important between all the hustle and bustle of every day stuff.

  4. Fab idea! And OMG I also didn't have high hopes for The Hangover, but it was SO hysterical! Glad you had such a fun time!

  5. I love the getaway. Hubs and I do it once a year. Just one night away…

    We used to do B&B's too but after a few years we switched to the city! Great food and luxury and this year a spa pedicure for me!

    Glad you had fun:) Following you now from The Mommyologist

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