Moose Moon, Car Lashes, and Thank Yous~ Friday Favorites

I adore Kim’s blog, The Mommy Machine, for many reasons, but her Moose Posts are always special favorites of mine.  I think this Mooned by a Moose post may be the best yet!

photo courtesy of

This was actually from a tweet.  It had been forwarded and reforwarded, and I couldn’t pull up the original website on my iPhone, but I was intrigued enought to look it up when I got home.  I MUST have CAR LASHES for my car.  Yes, they look adorable on cute little cars, but my big tank will look like an uber-hot drag queen!

My friend Dianna did a post thanking the people who had sent her the most readers over the last month, and included links to them.  What a clever way to share the love!

What were your favorites this week?  Link up at Life Without Pink Friday Favorites and share!

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3 thoughts on “Moose Moon, Car Lashes, and Thank Yous~ Friday Favorites”

  1. What a nice Friday morning surprise to read your shout-out. Thanks, A! By the way, I could use a pair of those car lashes for my own short and stubby eyelashes!

    1. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with your moose post. Things have been extremely tense at work, and every time I see someone looking grim I pull them aside and show them your post on my iPhone – no one yet has been able to look at that moose butt and not smile!!

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