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I have John guest posting again with another of his current events journals. After today I’ll be taking a blogging break for a while. My aunt Beverly‘s lung cancer is terminal, and she is at home with Hospice care. I’m leaving tomorrow after my EMG to go stay with her. Please keep her in your prayers.


This article concerns Kentucky news. Read with caution.

“Man arrested after trying to sell jewelry stolen from one Castle store to another Castle store.”

Hey, you know what’s a great idea when you have $20,000 worth of gold jewelry on your person? Yep, go to some random place with a lot of witnesses and declare that you have stolen jewelry. I’m hoping that he was purposely trying to get arrested for some weird reason, because if he really thought that he would get away with selling stolen jewelry in public, then I will have lost all faith in the common person. Perhaps he thought that everyone would be okay with a thief doing thief things and felt that everyone would want to have stolen necklaces. Understandable, right? Of course it isn’t. Come to think of it, why did he suddenly think to sell the jewelry to some random people instead of trustworthy people (criminal wise) such as a drug dealer or one of those rich drug dealers with funny names (Ex: Sugar Loaf). The guy may as well have given the jewelry to the nearest cop and say “Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that I stole these from a 60 year old woman. Bye!” Well, I have videogames to play and desks to clean. Ta-ta!

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This article concerns national news. Hooray.

“How a fake Google news story spread online.”

Oh my god, Google bought a really awesome Wi-Fi provider and…oh…it was fake. Can’t say I’m surprised that something like this happened, what with how easy it is to hack into website servers and change around what you want with a single button. Don’t be concerned about the fact that I just said that hacking computers is easy. Really, don’t. Wait, why did someone put a fake article on Google news? What would anyone accomplish from that? I’m hoping you have an answer, random reader that I may not meet ever, because I’m stumped. I guess it was some form of a practical joke created by some computer nerds that have too much free time. Wait, that still doesn’t make sense, because they could be doing something much more productive, like building something or reading or playing Halo 4 (Now in stores for $59.99!). No, wait, it could be a test conducted by someone to see their capabilities for hacking websites! Yeah, that makes sense, right? Whatever, if you can come up with a better theory, be my guest. Alright, I’m going to go waste time on a computer. Bye, I guess.

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This article concerns worldwide news. Now with 20% more Koreans.

“South Korean rapper PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ most watched YouTube video ever.”

People around the world have collectively watched the ever so famous “Gangnam Style” music video over 825 million times. Now, let me blow your mind by reading it. You’re thinking, “Good Lord, why is that increasingly weird video so popular? Why does this man keep making gigantic amounts of money off of one song that wasn’t as good as people make it sound? Why am I asking so many questions? Why am I talking to myself so much?!? SOMEONE HELP ME!!!” Alright, first, calm down. Second, let me answer all those questions.  This increasingly weird video is popular everywhere because it has 3 things that make videos amazing to the common person. Attractive Asian girls dancing, rapping (no matter how crappy or lazy), and men doing pelvic thrusts in elevators. The last one sounds weird, but trust me, it’s popular. This man keeps making gigantic amounts of money because people will pay for anything. Heck, people have paid for ShamWows. SHAMWOWS. It’s a rag that isn’t even absorbent! So if people bought expensive, colorful rags, why not pay for 1 song made by some Korean guy and help fund concerts and stuff? You’re asking a lot of questions because humans are naturally curious. You’re talking to yourself because you might be a bit crazy. You’re on your own for the last thing. Well, thanks for reading this, I guess.

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  1. I appreciate updates on Bev. I pray for her and for the ones who love her. My heart is broken and I can not even imagine what it must be like for you. Please tell her she is loved.

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