Morning Prayers

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. ~ Psalm 90:14

This is the view out the window next to my computer every morning this time of year.  If a sight like this can’t inspire prayer early on a Palm Sunday morning I don’t know what can.  Have a wonderful Holy Week!

What prayer or scripture has inspired you this week?   Drop by Saints and Scripture SundayScripture and a Snapshot, Sunday Snippets, Spiritual Sundays, Hear it on Sunday, Playdates with GodWalk With Him Wednesdays, iFellowship, Planting Mustard Seeds, Good Morning Girls,  and Journeys of Faith Fridays to share!

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8 thoughts on “Morning Prayers”

  1. Gosh, how beautiful! I can’t believe it is Palm Sunday. I’m in my usual state, of saying, “I should have done more for Lent.” Anyway …

  2. Sharon sounds like me. One day I will learn to have small goals for Lent, so that I can feel successful.

    LOVE your tulips! Now I want to plant flowers, in between sneezing.

  3. The tulips are really pretty. With any luck, for the first time in years I’ll be planting many tulips in our garden this fall. Can’t wait for the spring surprise.

    I wanted to participate in your “Saints and Scripture Sunday” but didn’t have anything to offer this week. When I get my laptop back with its new monitor I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things.

    1. I was never able to have tulips until I started planting them in chicken wire cages so the squirrels don’t dig up the bulbs and eat them. Dianna does a fabulous job with Saints and Scripture Sunday, and since I’ve had a peek at her content calendar I can guarantee you it will be there for you to link up any Sunday you want. I’ve found that sometimes the times I think I have nothing to say are when something really important emerges. It’s almost as if God is waiting patiently for me to deal with all the thoughts flitting through my head, and when I finally empty it all out he says, “It’s about time!” and plants something there 🙂

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