Most Rotten Dog of 2010

I’m staging a competition at my house this week.  You guys are the judges.  Which of these animals is the most completely spoiled rotten dog?

This one is mine – Sam.  She’s a chocolate lab who likes sleeping with her head on my orthopedic pillow and eating off the good china.  She thinks she’s a lap dog.

Rub my belly!

This is Blaze, Dianna’s Weimaraner.  He prefers pillow-top mattresses and high thread count sheets to Australian dog beds, and has developed a taste for duck jerky.  He’s enjoying a few days without being ridden like a horse or dressed in a tutu.

This bed is mine - all mine!

This is Winnie.  She’s my mom’s Yorkie.  She eats thin-sliced deli roast beef and jelly beans.  She thinks she’s a Doberman.  In this picture she is sitting on my dining room table, which she is NOT allowed to do at home or at my house, but I keep finding her there.

Kiss my furry butt - I'm not moving.

At this point Winnie is getting my vote, but we’ll see how the week progresses . . . .

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11 thoughts on “Most Rotten Dog of 2010”

  1. Now you know I love Sam to death, but my vote has to be Winnie. With Annie and Mazzy being Yorkies I could not vote any other way. Yorkies are just too easy to spoil. Mine really do “allow” me to live in the house and take care of them.

  2. What’s better than going on vacation, knowing your dog is well cared for?? Going on vacation, and seeing him become a blog star!! Whoop!!
    And he looks right at home in John’s bed with all those guns!

  3. histerical! your LAB thinks is a LAP dog !! my vote goes to… trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. the Yorkie!!! the other two were smart enought to pick an ortho pillow or the big bed, but the table?? that’s just to much! great pics!

  4. Dropping in from SITS! I really like dogs, they have such amazing personalities. I think Winnie wins, lol. Something about Yorkies. I’ve always thought they were half doberman, half cat. Cute as can be but don’t cross ’em!

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