Moves Upstage and Brandishes Sword

— 1 —

John is two weeks into his three-week Shakespeare Camp, and he’s loving it.  The counselor’s idea was to not let the parents know what play they were doing until the day of the performance, but I’m not into surprises.  I’m into running lines with my kid, helping out with costumes and props, and discussing the deeper issues of the play.  Yeah, I’m a total Shakespeare nerd.  So I tortured John until he told me they were doing Macbeth.  I’d been hoping for Hamlet, but I do love me some Macbeth.

— 2 —

Shakespeare Camp involves me driving downtown and back twice a day in rush-hour traffic, and there’s not a way to do it that doesn’t involve pot-holed roads and lots of neck-wrenching lane changes, so I’m spending more of my day than usual on a heating pad or ice pack, especially since I can only medicate lightly and still be able to drive.  He’d better be a fabulous Macbeth at that performance, that’s all I’ve got to say!

— 3 —

I went shopping today for a crown.  I went across town to a costume store and took pictures of all the options in my price range (low) and sent them to his phone.  Of course he wanted the plainest one, and I picked up a matching tiara for Lady Macbeth while I was there.  I may bling both of them up a bit before I send them in.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure the glue gun’s coming out tonight.  Seriously, how many times do you get to see your son play Macbeth?

— 4 —

After spending time at Dianna‘s house I officially have baby fever.  Actually I have cute little kid fever in general.  I could have hung out at her house forever holding baby Maeve, who’s as sweet-tempered as she is beautiful.  And when I wasn’t holding the baby (because there’s a waiting list and I had to wait my turn) her two adorable boys fought over who got to hug me, kiss me, and sit in my lap to tell me they loved me.  And big sis Rachel has magically morphed from Drama Queen to  Math Whiz and Mama’s Helper extraordinaire.  The Kennedy household right now is a magical place filled with love and laughter, and soaking that up for a morning filled my soul.

— 5 —

And then there was the day I fled the scene of a crime and waited all day for the police to come to my door.  I’ve never hit another car before, which is pretty good since I’m forty-five years old.  But this particular day I managed to hit a car just trying to get out of my own driveway.  The people across the street park fully on the street, not “two wheels off, two wheels on” which is the preferred, and perhaps even legally mandated (I’m checking) way to park on our narrow street.  I usually just back into our front yard to keep from hitting them, but I evidently didn’t back quite far enough into my yard, because I dented their left rear quarter panel.  Of course I didn’t have a pen and paper with me and I was on my way to Shakespeare Camp, so I ran John downtown, came back, and the car was gone.  So I left an explanatory note with my name and number and my insurance info on their front door and called my insurance agent.  I haven’t heard from either one, let alone the police, so I guess I won’t be blogging from jail anytime soon.  Which is kind of a shame since orange is a good color on me.

— 6 —

The tip I picked up on Pinterest about putting diapers in the bottom of potted plants is a winner.  I really do think it helps the pots and hanging planters hold water better.  Maybe next year I’ll line my pallet beds with diapers!  Oh, and I’ve put out red bowls of water near the tomato plants to entice the mutant ninja squirrels away from the tomatoes themselves.  I’ll keep you posted on how that works.

— 7 —

I got to see the bridesmaid’s dresses for Aaron and Catherine’s wedding, and they are so beautiful.  I really have to get serious about my diet because I’ve got a lot of weight to lose before this wedding.  Catherine’s mom is slim and beautiful, and I don’t want to look like a big fat frump in all the family pictures.  And I’m scouring Pinterest for hair ideas because my hair is just suddenly not working for me.  Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s my attitude, but it’s like brown paint on my head dripping down my neck – YUCK!

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6 thoughts on “Moves Upstage and Brandishes Sword”

  1. Aww … you’re making me cry! Of course, whenever I look at my kids these days, I cry. Not in a “calgon, take me away’ way (well, sometimes), but more of a “I am amazingly blessed!” way.

    Your hair — I think it’s the humidity. Let’s be thankful we’re not in the Deep South. You and I would both melt.

    Maybe you need Aqua Net??

    1. Wasn’t that what one of the boys was trying to spray in my hair after he brushed it the other day? You know you’re having a bad hair day when a four-year-old boy offers to fix it for you!!

  2. Let me know what hairstyles you find and I’d love to do trail runs with you! I’ve got a volumizing spray that works wonders, and I think I’ve finally mastered the round brush. 🙂

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