MRI Week ~ Feel Good Friday

This has been a tough week. I’ve had worse weeks, but I’ve sure had weeks that were a whole lot better. It’s Friday, though, and after my second MRI of the week this afternoon I’m planning on relaxing and enjoying some time with my three favorite guys. Here are some things that have made me smile this week:
1.) When I got home from Bloggy Boot Camp on Sunday evening Michael and Jack met me at the airport. I was exhausted and in a lot of pain, and the guys hauled my luggage to the car and took me home for a delicious supper. The house was clean, laundry was done, and Michael had done meal planning and grocery shopping for the week. How sweet is that?
2.) I ended up having an MRI of my cervical spine on Tuesday, and over the next 24 hours I can’t even tell you how many people called me, texted me, messaged me on Facebook, and stopped me in the halls at work to ask about the results and how I was feeling.
3.) My best friend Kim called me Wednesday night and told me stories about HER week that made me laugh until my face hurt. She made me promise not to blog about them, but trust me, she’s so funny she could make a dog laugh!
4.) When I was on a total rant Thursday because I had found out I was going to have to have ANOTHER MRI before I got any results my aunt talked me down, and suggested I make a “gratitude list”, although she certainly recognizes the value of a good rant now and then.
5.) Today, no matter what comes up at work, I am having lunch with my friend Lisa and we will eat delicious shrimp tacos and gossip and it will be wonderful.
In short, I am so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who love me, understand me, and are willing to stand by me even during the tough times. Thanks, everyone! Love you all!
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