What have I learned about parenting from my husband that also makes him good at what he does? Music. I love how music can calm me or energize me, or just give me enough attitude to get through a few hours. But I cannot create music. I’m simply unable. I truly believe it’s a genetic thing – the basic ability, I mean. But teaching it is an altogether different magic that requires a patience I will never master. My husband started playing music professionally before he was old enough to even BE IN the venues he was playing. So he’d sit backstage with a Coke between sets. Maybe a beer if someone sneaked him one. Now we have a studio in our basement, but I only go down to record books for our grand-daughter, Emma.

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? I’m hoping with some audio and video books I can buy her parents at least enough time to go to the bathroom alone once she becomes mobile!

Anyway, Michael taught both our sons to play drums. Aaron loved marching band and playing tenors/quads, whatever each band calls them. He played throughout high school and through college at Morehead until his Senior year, when he just couldn’t make it fit into his schedule along with his capstone in Computer Science. But by that time he was married to Catherine, who teaches a high school madrigal chorus. Emma will hear only the sweetest of lullabies!

John enjoyed tenors in marching band as well, but the forty-plus hours per week demanded by his band director (different high school) just didn’t mesh with his entire reason for selecting this high school: Its I.T. program. So he didn’t march his Senior year, but played set in the Jazz Band instead. They took a Distinguished (highest) rating at the state competition. Since we have a drum set (actually a drum ROOM) in the basement he can practice whenever he likes.

You’d think this would drive me crazy, right? Absolutely the opposite. I could have my husband and two guitar players in the studio and a boy at each end of the house with a snare or practice pad, all playing different things . . . and I’ll probably nod off to sleep. Drums and music sound like family, like comfort. Here’s a song that has even more in it. Long-time friends who are incredibly talented, a beautiful niece, Ashley,  who is passionate about her music on vocals, both my youngest and my husband on drums, and you may even see the tail of Boss, the studio dog, in a view or two. Enjoy.


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7 thoughts on “Music”

  1. I’m with you, anyone who has an ear for music absolutely mesmerizes me. I can’t keep a beat for anything. LOVE your niece’s performance. The whole family is crazy talented!

    1. Still waiting for that Dolly video. It is cantaloupe season, after all! My personal favorite is “I will always love you”, which Dolly wrote for Porter Wagner, her mentor, before he retired. People think WHITNEY HOUSTON wrote that. If I ever get shot in downtown Louisville it’s going to be about that fact.

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