Must. Stop. Watching. Netflix.


— 1 —

I’m not usually a Twitter whiner, but if someone is amazingly out of line professionally that’s where I go. I always get a response from the company. Always. So when the same salesguy from AT&T showed up uninvited at our house three times in twelve hours and even had the nerve to ask about my being in pajamas I grabbed his lanyard, wrote down his name, and ordered him never to step foot on my porch again. Then I tweeted about it. I haven’t seen him since. It’s like handing the phone to a toddler when a telemarketer calls – 100% effective.

— 2 —

My husband and son helped my father-in-law move some furniture out of the apartment of a recently deceased friend, and my son got a lesson in one of the many unpleasant sorts of people we all have to deal with as adults. An untrustworthy executor. It was a long, hard day – especially for my father-in-law, who’d just lost his best friend. For John to hear a woman kick up the price a notch every time his grandfather spoke about a special memory attached to a particular piece of furniture or knick-knack was appalling. There’s a special place in hell for those who prey on the grief of others, especially when it’s for their own financial gain. It nauseates me.

— 3 —

Poor John. He really deserves the weekend of LanWar he’s going to be enjoying at a local college starting tonight. On top of the furniture moving last weekend he’s also been helping Michael try to get the Camry running again, so that we will no longer be a one-car family. I could tell he was nearing his breaking point when he brought back in the big, heavy Maglite, which has made its home in my underwear drawer ever since Michael and I got married. I had a sudden epiphany (probably twenty years too late) that maybe that wasn’t the most appropriate storage location for it. When I mentioned it to John he whirled and yelled, “You think?!” It made sense as a newlywed in a three-hundred square-foot apartment when I could never find the flashlight when the power went out, but maybe while raising two boys that should have changed. Too late now.

— 4 —

With the bitterly cold winter upon us dogs stealing covers has become a more serious issue. I love our dogs, and I enjoy falling asleep with a snout on the pillow next to mine, but I don’t like having cold feet. I’m considering buying a couple of Twin topsheets and twin quilts to put on our Queen bed, just to see if that makes it any easier to keep my covers to myself. Has anyone tried it?

— 5 —

I watched Making a Murderer on Netflix, and it was truly gripping. I totally binge-watched the whole thing. Don’t watch it. It’s incredibly sad and depressing. Thankfully, my Happy Light has arrived and I just refilled my anti-depressants, so a few episodes of The Property Brothers should perk me right up!

— 6 —

I also watched some of Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills, which was more interesting and educational than I’d expected. Did you know that liposuction is the most-revised plastic surgery? And that there is no surgery to fix flabby knees? This one poor woman had big random dents in her hips, thighs, and buttocks. After revision she looked much more natural, but her knees still looked awful. I need to take some knee pictures soon, because my knees look great. Lesson: Try Nerium before resorting to plastic surgery. Seriously.

— 7 —

Here’s something else disturbing I learned from the same show: wearing your hair constantly pulled back (ponytails, braids, etc) can cause traction alopecia. Yep, that’s hair loss, folks. This one poor young woman had the receding hairline of a seventy-year-old man, and no hair for a couple of inches above her ears, either. It may be time to re-think my hair plan (or lack thereof). Anyone have suggestions for wavy, baby-fine hair that don’t involve me putting my hands above my head for longer than five seconds? After that they go numb. My hair’s down to the middle of my back now, although I so rarely wear it down most people don’t know that. I don’t even like to sleep with it down. I’m grateful for any suggestions!

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2 thoughts on “Must. Stop. Watching. Netflix.”

  1. Cannot believe the nerve of that sales guy!! I would have grabbed more than his lanyard!
    The twin sheet thing totally works!!!! My hubby will take the bedding, tuck it under him and roll up in it. Got tired of losing my covers, so separate sheets for me! Works great.

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