My All-Time Favorite Easter Homily

A long time ago we used to attend a church that was pretty hoity-toity.  The ten o’clock Mass on Sunday was where everyone went to see and be seen, so we usually went to noon Mass, which was a little more laid-back, or seven o’clock Mass, which was a you’re-fine-in-jeans Mass.  But one particular year we were attending the ten o’clock Mass, probably the year Aaron was getting ready for his First Eucharist, because the kids were always pulled out of that Mass for part of their preparation.  So there we were, in our Target and thrift store duds in the midst of the designer outfits that cost more than I made in a week.  John was a little wild thing, and although our pastor had yet to give his infamous “keep your little kids out of church” homily, we still got plenty of dirty looks when he was loud or active, especially at the crowded Masses.  Like, for instance, Easter.

So there we were, packed shoulder to shoulder, and which priest should come down the aisle but my favorite, an elderly gentleman who’d been called to the priesthood after retirement.  He was very laid back, referred to God in my RCIA class as “He or She”, was an Eagle Scout who did our Scout Sunday mass wearing a stole with his Scouting badges on it, and always had the longest lines for Confession because he was rumored to tell people to go home and take a bubble bath and stop judging themselves so harshly.  Here, word for word, is his homily from that lovely Easter morning:

“Oh, what a beautiful morning.
 Oh, what a beautiful day.
 I’ve got a beautiful feeling
everything’s going my way.”

Then he smiled and sat down.  Yep, who wouldn’t love an Easter homily straight from “Oklahoma”?  We were done and out of there in record time, even with the standing room only crowd.  Father Frank has passed on since then, but I’ll always remember him fondly for many reasons, that homily among them.  Have a beautiful Easter, because everything really is going to go our way.

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One thought on “My All-Time Favorite Easter Homily”

  1. What a beautiful post. Scott started our sunrise service this morning with, “You all know the story of the resurrection so I’m just going to hit the high point.” Fifteen minutes later we were eating muffins and drinking coffee. I do so love that man. He can say more in fifteen minutes than most ministers in an hour.

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