My Back Hurts Where?

— 1 —

I woke up with low back pain last weekend. Yes, low back pain, as opposed to the neck pain I’ve had for four years. And not just the ‘you’re forty-something and fat’ variety. The ‘I can’t get out of bed without help’ variety. How in the world anything can hurt that badly when I’m on round-the-clock muscle relaxers and pain medications I don’t know, but it’s been enough to distract me from my neck pain for a few days! Thankfully, I was able to see my chiropractor a couple of times during the week and it’s much better, but I still walk kinda funny.

— 2 —

Speaking of walking funny, Dianna has officially stopped her late-pregnancy waddle and has beautiful Daniel Patrick to show for it. Born, appropriately, on St. Patrick’s Day 🙂 Seeing all the older siblings argue over whose turn it was to hold him was simply precious.

— 3 —

Aaron has been off for his very last Spring Break of his life this year since it’s his Senior year of college, and he spent part of it in the dining room, which he and John during into a gaming room. I’d give up my dining room any day for the infectious giggles coming out of there 🙂


— 4 —

I know it’s now officially Spring, but it sure doesn’t look like it or feel like it. Everything is so ugly, dirty, and colorless. Even the most beautiful neighborhoods with the most meticulous landscaping look horrible. I need things to start blooming, and fast!

— 5 —

My phone is talking to me when I text. A friend of mine changed some settings for me, and 99% of the changes I absolutely love. But my phone spouting random words while I’m trying to have a text conversation is extremely annoying. One of the kids is going to have to fix it for me before I get any grumpier.

— 6 —

Thanks to your extremely helpful suggestions (thank you, thank you!) I went into therapy yesterday and just told my therapist exactly how I was feeling and why and let her take it from there. It was awesome. I started with, “I’m exhausted, frustrated, and angry” and came home with some brilliant insights and a couple of writing assignments. When I explained how I’d been posting ‘7 Quick Takes’ for a long time now as a way to check in with myself weekly her eyes lit up. I personally think she should start sending Jen Fulwiler a check every time she suggests that to a patient, ’cause I suspect it will be often!

— 7 —

I have an MRI of my thoracic and lumbar vertebrae scheduled for tomorrow. This was set up before I even had this recent spell of low back pain, so it should be interesting to see what it says. And since the facility where I’m having it done will let me pull up my own results online I should find out this weekend. Patience has never been my strong suit. (Stop snickering)

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2 thoughts on “My Back Hurts Where?”

  1. Precisely why I prefer to have things done within the system. 🙂 and it’s not being impatient, it’s being pro active!

    So glad you were there with all the Kaboodle. Although, after you left, I wondered if I even said hello?

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