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OK, I give.  I wasn’t going to do the “What’s On Your Bookshelf?” linkup at Modern Mrs. Darcy because I’m supposed to be working on my novel.  But it’s time to face the fact that since I’ve only written one day this month the odds are against my hitting my 50,000 word goal.  So I’m going to write what I feel like writing instead 🙂  The novel will still be there when my mood shifts.

Let me start by saying that at my house “bookshelf” is a relative term.  Any horizontal surface is fair game.  And thank God for my Kindle or I wouldn’t even know what color my walls are . . . any of them.


I do have a system.  Chronologically by author.  I can find any book I’m looking for in under two minutes.  But I have no idea where my phone or car keys are.


And I have given away books – tons of books.  These are just the ones I know I will want to read again.

What I’m currently reading – and it’s freakin’ awesome!  All mothers of boys, no matter the age, should read this book.



I think DVDs are supposed to go here, but paperbacks fit, and I refuse to snub the paperback, although I’m normally a hardback or Kindle girl these days.


There are some history books in the mix – those are all Michael’s.  I don’t want to read about anything that’s actually happened.  The Harry Potter and Janet Evanovich sections are the most scruffly, since they’ve all been read multiple times by the whole family.


Technically these are Aaron’s or John’s books, but I really love them and sneak in for an Artemis Fowl book or something from the Percy Jackson series on a pretty regular basis.


Back when Michael and I were married, but still childless, we moved several times.  He complained about all the books being the hardest things to move, and since we had a waterbed they probably were. (Yes, I’m that old – we had a waterbed).  Then we went to visit friends in Atlanta and ended up in a super-cool bookstore in the Underground: out-of-print, special editions, signed first editions, not a single shiny climbing-the-charts book in the place.  It probably took the owner about thirty seconds to recognize a fellow bibliophile: deep inhale of musty book smell and glazing of the eyes like a kid in a candy store.  We looked at books together, he showed me a few of his most prized volumes, and he asked about what I had at home.  When he wandered off to help another customer my husband came over and glanced at the book in my hand in confusion.

“Don’t you already have that one?”

“Yes, but mine’s not a first edition.  Most of my others are, but not this one.”

“So buy it then,” he said.  I smiled, and carefully flipped to the page where the price was very lightly marked in pencil.  It was more than our monthly rent payment.  Needless to say, I left without the first edition, but not once since then has Michael complained about moving my books 🙂

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17 thoughts on “My Bookshelves”

  1. “I can find any book I’m looking for in under two minutes. But I have no idea where my phone or car keys are.”
    Um, YES.
    Blessed be Kindle and the space it saves.
    And I feel your pain on the NaNoWriMo front: I’m no where near the 50,000 mark and yet I’m posting about bookshelves or making Etsy gift guides. Clearly I’m a blogger, not an author, as much as I like to think otherwise.

  2. Reading this post makes me smile …. This is raw YOU, at your very best. 🙂

    So, are my boys wingmen or masterminds? (You know I’ll be reading that one)

    And Dude? KELLY visited you and gave you comment love. Have you read her? R.i.o.t

    1. Don’t rush for the book, but read it within the next couple of years. You’re welcome to my dog-eared, highlighted copy once I finish it and implement a few things. Started today by playing video games WITH John. I am SO lame as a gamer.

  3. I think I’ve read about 90% of what you have on your bookshelves. And about this NaNo thing… The most important lesson I’ve learned this month is that the novel I started writing is probably NOT going to be the first novel I finish writing. Ah well. Onward and upward.

    1. I currently have three WIPs. One is actually complete, but it needs a new pair of eyes. One is completely plotted, but I can’t manage to write it. And the third has become literary fiction, and I refuse to go there.

      1. But literary fiction is awesome! So, so awesome! The novel I planned and plotted for NaNoWriMo just isn’t flowing like I want it to. I think I’m going to step back from it and work on a short non-fiction piece that I MIGHT enter in a writing thing in December, if I can make it come together. I also have a kids’ series swirling around in my head and on various scraps of paper that I want to get into a workable format at some point. Whenever you want, I’d love to be some “fresh eyes” for you!

  4. “Any horizontal surface is fair game.” Ha! We’d get along great–or maybe we’d just have a good time sitting around reading since we couldn’t find our car keys. 🙂

    I only recently found out about Masterminds and Wingmen–I didn’t know there was a male equivalent to Queen Bees and Wannabes. So it’s worthwhile? I’m thinking I should pick that one up.

    Thanks for sharing your shelves!

    1. It’s truly the best parenting book I’ve ever read. And it’s ridiculous that we haven’t met since we live in the same zipcode! Where are you guys going to Mass? The pic looked familiar, but we’ve been “church shopping” for so long I couldn’t place it.

  5. You’re so right–we need to meet up one of these days! Especially since I’m pretty sure YOUR church is right by my house! We’re not going to the church I photographed, I just think that church is gorgeous. (It was St Mark’s on Frankfort.)

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