My Boys Can ALWAYS Make Me Laugh!

This child. My baby, my wild thing, the cause of many of the strands of glitter that have started sprouting from my head. When I saw Mama Kat‘s promt for this week about “something funny your kid said” I didn’t need to read any further. I always ask his permission before blogging about him, or I could post daily about the things John says!

Anyway, it was progress report day, and even though he’d been telling me that things were going fine in all his classes his grades didn’t reflect that. He even texted me a picture of his progress report during school so he wouldn’t have to wait until ten at night for my reaction (band practice).

Anyway, after the wailing and gnashing of teeth were done I tweeted:

Progress reports coming home from #JCPS today. #sendwine

You know, as a PSA to other parents like me out there. My eldest son, who evidently does read my tweets now and then but generally refuses to engage me when I’m on a rant, tweeted back this:

all my fault for setting the bar too high 😀

Mind you, this was the child with whom I’d tried both positive and negative reinforcement to bump his grades up from sewer level in high school. The kid whose high school diploma I insisted on holding in my own hands and reading carefully before I truly believed he’d graduated. My fingers flew on the keyboard.

Bar too high? Your high school GPA was so low a lizard couldn’t limbo under it.

What do I get in return, while smoke is still coming out of my ears?
laughing lizard
Although rather than a jpeg image, which is all I could manage to embed in this post, it was a gif, and the lizard was actually laughing at me!

By the time John got home I’d calmed down and we talked calmly about his plans for bringing his grades up before the end of the semester, and then I showed him the tweets. He said, “Hey, I know that gif!” Of course he does. I mumbled something about how I should have said hamster instead, and he just gave me a pitying look. “Mom, there are even more laughing hamster gifs than laughing lizard gifs.” He did get an A in his computer class, as always.

I love my boys.


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10 thoughts on “My Boys Can ALWAYS Make Me Laugh!”

    1. THANK YOU!!!!! I swear I’d kiss your feet! Why do I feel like my kids’ grades are a reflection of my value as a person? I wasn’t raised that way. I got good grades because I wanted good grades. And my eldest was on the Dean’s List in college and now has his dream job right out of school, so it’s gonna be OK. I’ll just need hair dye.

  1. lol too funny! I love how our kids sense of humors become a little more refined as they get older. I enjoy my 16 yr old son’s sense of humor except for when it has to do with not so great grades.

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