My Cards Are Here! ~ Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday – I’m so ready! Join in and share your happy thoughts to get the weekend started. Just two Fridays from now I’m going to be feeling especially good because I’m going to Baltimore for Bloggy Boot Camp – WOO HOO! I’ve never been to a blogger event before, but I’ve been doing my research (what to take, what to wear, what the heck is this “Twitter” thing all about) and my cards have arrived. Yes, it’s evidently a good idea to take business cards to these sorts of events to exchange with people you want to stay in contact with. I’ve got a list of “gotta meet” bloggers I’m very excited about and I don’t want them to think I’m some sort of hick.

What do you think? I was going for simple, with just the bare necessities on there, but then I decided to be brave and add a teaser for the Blog Derby Party I’m planning. Yep, this is my “something that made me smile” for this week!
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12 thoughts on “My Cards Are Here! ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. Love them! And feeling ill prepared for boot camp now. I have no cards, no idea what to wear or take with me. YIKES!!!

  2. I love the cards! What is the Blog Derby? You have me interested!!!

    I don't get twitter either, but hear it is essential.

    I am excited for your trip – I want to go to one someday, if only there was one around here – I hate to fly!

    I love learning all sorts of info about blogging and just downloaded the e-book that was featured on SITS last Saturday. It was a good read.

    Thank you again for being such a loyal participant!!! Have a super weekend!!

  3. Cards look great. Find out where the next blogging event will be. Please don't forget to eat lots of Maryland Crab Cakes and chowder. Bring recipes home.

  4. Hello! I just joined SITS and that is how I found you. What is the blogging event? That sounds like a lot of fun. Where can I find more info about that?

    Your cards look great! I usually get mine through Vista Print. I have a post about them on my blog.

    Your blog goes well with mine. Are you looking to add more people to your "tribe"? I am! I will now be following you.

    Stop by to see what I am all about and grab a few freebies for you and your family.

    Hope to see you there!! Have a great weekend.

    Your friend, Angie
    P.S. I love your name! Angie is the best name ever. LOL!

  5. Hi- Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your cards! I just one some free ones through vista print and can not wait to make them!!

    Have fun at Bloggy Boot Camp! I am hoping to attend Blogher in NYC!

  6. Visiting from SITS – love your cards! I need to make new ones with my blog info on it instead of all my personal stuff…

    You've got me really curious about the blog derby though!

  7. Wow wish I could go maybe next time. Will be waiting to hear all about it. The cards look great.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!

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