My Derby Picks

As I hang out on the sofa, watching the Derby coverage from the comfort of my heating pad, trading mint juleps for pain pills and muscle relaxers, I’ve made my picks. Scientific and well-researched? Not so much. Usually I pick horses by names and jockey silks.

This year I’ll have bets across the board (the big $2 variety) on Bodemeister, because he’s named after the owners’ little boy, who’s now seven years old and very nervous about how “his” horse will perform in the Derby. I love to see kids in the Winner’s Circle. I’ll also be betting on Daddy Longlegs, who is a huge longshot coming out of the dreaded number one post position, but the horse’s name is also the name of one of my favorite old musicals starring Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron – beautiful choreography.

How do you pick your horses?

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