My Dogs Are Better Dressed Than My Children

This is how John’s socks look nearly every day:

Sometimes the socks are blue and brown, sometimes white and black, but rarely do they match.  Evidently this is the trend in middle school right now.  I’m not complaining, because it means I don’t have to match socks.  That’s right, I don’t match socks.  There’s a pile for each person, but no pairs are matched.  This is what my dogs wear:

Notice how the brown leather blends with Sam's chocolate fur.
Sam's "rub my belly" pose, showing the rolled detail.
Boss showing the buckle and his cute sticky-uppy ears.
Boss napping and showing the shiny brass name / phone number plate.

These are brown leather hand-rolled collars with personalized engraved brass plates from Quillin Leather and Tack in Paris.  Paris, Kentucky, that is.  This is the same oiled leather that is used for horse bridles and halters for famous thoroughbreds, but my dogs just wear theirs to lounge around the house, or perhaps for a casual stroll around the neighborhood.  And guess what?  They match!  My dad suggested Quillen, and I’m glad he did.  They do beautiful work, and I highly recommend them if you want beautiful collars for your pooches.

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11 thoughts on “My Dogs Are Better Dressed Than My Children”

  1. If I’m not mistaken (and you KNOW I rarely am), when we were in high school and college, having a belt from Quillen Tack was all the rage.
    Do you remember those? We’d have our names on the little brass plate things.

  2. I love the nameplates — anything that will stay on the collar is a good thing. Those dangly name tags just don’t stay on. I know — been there many times.

  3. Ha! I wish I could talk my husband into that no matching sock thing!
    Found you on monday mingle, LOVE that dog- my dog has the same belly pose when she wants a belly rub!

  4. Those collars are really nice! Our dogs always had the generic ones from the local pet store. I wish my kids wore mismatched socks. I have an entire basket of mismatched socks. It seems the washing machine/dryer seems to have eaten their mates or a sock elf has been at work!

  5. What is up with the mismatched sock trend?! My older girls have actually purchased colorful knee-his that are deliberately sold in mismatched pairs.

    1. A-HA! Perhaps it’s a plot by the sock manufacturers so they can sell THEIR mismatched socks to OUR children. I hadn’t realized you could buy them pre-mis-matched, John’s been mixing his on his own!

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