My Eighties-Themed Day

My chiropractor always has the same music playing in his office: an all-eighties Sirius channel. Which is kind of strange since I know every word to every song and this guy is much younger than me. Or maybe he’s just well-preserved.  Anyway, I’ve had these old songs from my high-school days running through my head because I’ve been having adjustments three times a week.  But one day when we had some errands to run post-adjustment I got a little more “eighties” than I’d expected.

My husband Michael has worn the same shoes since the eighties.  Not the same exact pairs, mind you, but the exact same style.  He wears brown Topsiders or white Nike Cortez with a red swoosh.  Never mind that these were actually so far out of style they stopped making them for a while.  He always managed to find some somewhere.  There’s probably some guy in Utah with a storage building full of size 10 1/2 Nike Cortez with red swooshes, and we’re really buying from him, just under a different name every time.  It’s a theory.

Anyway, we had to go to Kohl’s to get a pair of dress pants for Homecoming for John and Michael decided to look for shoes.  I begged him not to buy the Topsiders, but he had to have them.  And since their were no Nike Cortez on the shelves no sneakers were bought.  I guess it’s time to go searching for the guy in Utah again.

After Kohl’s I asked the guys to drop me off at home for some “pain pill and ice pack time” while they went to the grocery.  One of the items on my list was a hairbrush, since mine (probably twenty years old) had imploded when I tried to shampoo it that morning.  Since we’d been listening to Duran Duran and buying Topsiders this is the brush he brought home:


Really, I do think it’s adorable.  It’s exactly like the one I carried in my purse (the one with the wooden handles and switchable covers) way back when, except that it’s purple.  Purple Rain purple.  I love that guy!

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