My Face is Bare!

OK, that’s old news for those who know me IRL.  For two decades I started work in the middle of the night, and so I never saw the point in wasting five minutes putting on makeup that would be long gone by the time everyone else’s day started.  Then, when I had to stop working, makeup didn’t even hit the “hot hundred” on my priorities list.  I did scramble around frantically for six months before my eldest son’s wedding, buying skin care and makeup supplies that will surely last me until I have grandchildren getting married – or it should, for the price!

Then I got an email saying I had earned a “perk” from Klout – an Eclos skin care package.  I may not wear makeup, but I’m serious about skin care, so I clicked “thanks, send it on!” and promptly forgot about it until the day it turned up in my mailbox.


This was a free perk, there was no agreement of any sort that I had to post, tweet, or otherwise tell anyone about it.  But there was a cute card enclosed with twitter handles and hashtags just in case I wanted them 😉  I took a picture of my bare-naked face with my hair all pulled back and my glasses off, then proceeded to use the products.

I honestly didn’t expect good results, because the product labels talk about Apple Stem Cell technology and every time I’ve gotten a facial the fruit acids made my face beet-red, which kind of defeats the whole purpose 🙁  But this was different.  The cleanser, regenerative cream, and hydraprimer (tinted daily moisturizer) all smell faintly of apples, but none of them irritated my skin at all.  This from a woman who has to use unscented laundry detergent and soap, mind you!

Anyway, my face and neck felt good using these products.  I could only use the regenerative cream every other night since my skin is as oily as a middle schooler’s, but other than that I used them as directed and felt rather proud of myself for having SPF30 on my face all day.  (Confession: I slather my kids with sunscreen, but never think to wear any myself.)

When I realized two weeks were up and it was time (according to the little card) to take another picture, I did so.  Same spot in my house, same time of day and lighting, exact same filter on Instagram (Valencia, if anyone cares).  I posted them to Twitter and Facebook and got immediate feedback.  One of my best girlfriends from high school commented “beautiful!” on the After picture, and when the phone rang it was my step-mom, Edie, wanting to know if this stuff was for real since my eyes looked so much better 😉  She pointed out (accurately) that in the Before picture I was looking straight at the camera, and in the After shot I was looking up.  I promised to take another picture immediately with eyes forward and post it.  We don’t want to be comparing apples to oranges here!

After two weeks (looking ahead)
After two weeks (looking ahead)
After two weeks (looking up)
After two weeks (looking up)



OK, looking up does make a difference.  If someone had told me this in early May I would have made sure I was looking up in every picture at my son’s wedding.  Even so, I can see and feel a difference.  If you have sensitive skin and are looking to perk up your eyes and neck – give this line a try.  I’m currently kicking myself in the butt for not finding this line sooner – it’s about half the price of the stuff I was using, and it’s better!


*I received the Eclos products I reviewed free of charge.  I was not compensated in any way for this post, and all opinions are my own (as always).

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One thought on “My Face is Bare!”

  1. OK, these pictures convinced me. The after pictures are proof positive that this product has merit, so….I must find it and buy it immediately. Lets face it, I have no time to waste. 😉

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