My "Happy Place" ~ Feel Good Friday

Another wonderful new meme! This one’s hosted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up and it’s called “Feel Good Friday”. There are several prompts, but it’s all about being positive and upbeat going into the weekend. After yesterday’s post, you all know I need this one! OK, I decided to share my “happy place”. Since it’s freakin’ freezing here right now and the powers that be are predicting some outrageous amount of snow for tonight I am glad to have an excuse to think about this particular “happy place”: Martinique on the Gulf.

We’ve staying in the same beach house (Lagniappe) several times and just loved it. It’s so laid-back and quiet, even during peak season. I wish I were there right now cooking soft-shell crabs in the kitchen, then maybe taking a dip in the pool followed by a soak in the hot tub before crawling into the big comfy bed. Then it’s a walk on the deserted beach in the morning and a lazy day by the pool with a stack of good books and an endless supply of sweet tea – oh, yeah!

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5 thoughts on “My "Happy Place" ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. Would that not just be wonderful to be sitting on that porch, sand all over your feet from walking on the beach. Maybe talking about how hot it was today and worrying if you had gotten too much sun. Yes, that is a happy place.

  2. Those rocking chairs on that porch are definitely a feel good happy place!!

    Thank you for participating in FGF! I really appreciate it.

    I am now following you! Have a great weekend.

  3. Sigh ….

    You WOULD make a post about the Gulf, when there's a foot of snow on the ground.

    Yeah, I'm exaggerating, but also freezing to death.

    Skin cancer and hurricanes be damned — I want to move SOUTH!!

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