My Mini-Me

johns keyboard and sock
My mini-me is seventeen, taller than me, and should shave more often than he does. ┬áBut that’s as it should be since I look like my dad, who is 6’2″ and has had a full beard most of his adult life.

But we both have an extremely dark sense of humor – some of our best bonding moments have been while watching Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. We like many of the same books, but he’s a better writer than I am. What I got a little whiff of he got in spades and I’d love to see him use it.

The same things annoy both of us, and that’s a double-sided ax. If I want to get a response from him when he’s ignoring me (as most teens do their moms on a regular basis) I can get results in five seconds flat. Clearly, he can do the same to me.

So unless we are just messing around we both tend to use our understanding of the other’s psyche for calming purposes. Otherwise we just freak Michael out and make him all twitchy.

Our list of similarities is too long to list, but this one kind of covers it all. When Michael and I were first married we had these tiny gray throw pillows on the bed. Because you do that kind of silly shit before you have kids. Anyway, we had a water bed (yes, I am that old!). I put the throw pillows next to the bed before I got in. We had a tiny apartment, close to 300 square feet. If I thought of something I’d need to remember the next morning I’d just throw a pillow into the hall. Michael thought I was insane.

But the other evening he happened to see John throw a dirty sock at his computer. He asked him why. John said it would remind him to do thus-and-so the next morning. He had his smart phone in his hand, but the sock was better. That’s my boy!

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