My new BFF

I’m in love! He’s hard-working, dependable, and he does wonderful things for me on a daily basis as long as I remember to recharge him after use . . .
Yep, it’s my Dirt Dog. I bought him on a whim when he was on sale last month, and I don’t know what I did without him. OK, I know what I did without him, and it was NOT vacuum under the beds. It was pretty much watch the tumbleweeds of dog fur float lazily by a scant 24 hours after I’d nearly broken my back using the weighs-a-ton Kirby. Now I can just come home from work, unhook my marvelous new friend from his charger, push “clean” and he will do a room or two while I chat on the phone to Dianna, and Mom, and Michael; check Facebook, chat with Nancy . . . Oh, there’s a pleasant little “Yoo Hoo” sort of noise that means either that he’s done or his dustbin needs to be emptied. Either way, he’s sucking up the dog fur and dust bunnies from under the bed while I’m doing more important things! And I hear that toddlers love to chase the little sucker around the house, watching him bounce off walls and turn away from the basement steps. What could be better? A Dirt Dog / margarita maker! Hopefully they’re working on that upgrade.

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3 thoughts on “My new BFF”

  1. This would do rice and crackers for sure, but banannas might be a problem – isn't that what you have a dog for??

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