My Own March Madness


— 1 —

I spent last weekend at my mom’s in Lexington, leaving my husband and son stranded at home without transportation. They promptly turned it into a party with a bunch of John’s band friends sleeping over and playing computer games until the wee hours of the morning.

— 2 —

 I, on the other hand, got to spend time with my mom and step-dad, and have dinner with my step-brother and his family. His little girl is simply adorable. We were in a packed restaurant, and every table this toddler walked past suddenly went silent. They stopped eating and just stared at her with goofy grins on their faces. She’s that cute. And to push me into cuteness overload there were two adorable puppies at the Nerium party Sunday! One golden-doodle ( I’ve been nursing a bad case of doodle fever for a while now) and a Saint Bernard puppy so new he still had puppy breath! My husband had to talk me out of my tree when I got home, because I was totally ready to go over our two-dog limit!

— 3 —

It’s been many years since I lived in Lexington, and I’d forgotten one of the cardinal rules: Make no plans during March Madness, or if you must, then plan then around the Kentucky games. The whole tournament in Lexington is like Derby Week here in Louisville!

— 4 —

My good friend Kerri and I talked on the phone for the very first time this week! We’ve been close friends for years, but have never met in real life, and probably won’t since we met because we both have chronic health conditions. We’d been part of a team of writers on a spiritual blog, but the blog owner unexpectedly decided to go solo, so we decided to launch our own blog, Obstinate Hope, because we both felt the need to have an outlet other than our personal blogs for our exclusively spiritual posts. We’re just getting started, so drop by and say Hi when you can!

— 5 —

Another friend’s father passed away this week after a very long, very intense battle with cancer. She and her family are, of course, drained in every aspect of the word. Please keep Laurie in your prayers as she and her family mourn and begin re-building their lives.

— 6 —

You may have noticed pictures on Instagram, Twitter, or FaceBook with the hashtag #happyacts. All that was leading up to today, the International Day of Happiness. LiveHappy is a company created by Nerium. Why? Because evidently it wasn’t enough to help people have healthier, more beautiful skin; to give them a chance at financial freedom; to give 30% of their profits to cancer research; and to donate over a million dollars a year to Big Brothers/Big Sisters. They want everyone to be happy, too. I adore their magazine – it’s one of the smaller perks of being a Brand Partner, but one of my personal favorites. Check out LiveHappy‘s site to learn more about today’s festivities!

— 7 —

And I know you’re probably just sick of me gushing about how much I love Nerium, what a wonderful group of people they are, and how incredible it is to be part of what they’re doing, but get used to it! The popularity of Nerium is spreading like wildfire (because it works and it’s easy!) and I don’t want anyone to miss the boat. Contact me via the little email icon in the upper right corner, take a look at the products, prices, and special offers for new Brand Partners through the link in my footer. Satisfy your curiosity, because this could be your Microsoft moment!

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