My Unique Thrift Store Haul

I’ve been shopping at The Unique Thrift Store for over twenty-five years.  It’s in the worst part of downtown Louisville, at 22nd and Portland.  There have been murders in the parking lot, and there are often homeless people lounging by the door.  You don’t go at night, you lock your doors, and you wear a small purse across your chest or stuff your money in your pocket.  And dress DOWN. 

My mother-in-law introduced me to thrift-store shopping soon after Michael and I started dating, and I quickly became addicted.  I keep a running list of things I need to look for next time I go, but I always take a quick glance through every department, since you never know when a major bargain’s going to come your way.

Today I spent $60 and this is what I got:

2 well-made adjustable-handle baskets
Sherilyn Kenyon paperback
Maya Angelou paperback
3 like-new, high-end (i.e. Greg Norman) golf shirts for Michael
1 new-with-tags Ashworth windshirt for Michael
1 pair of like-new Levis for Michael
1 pair of lightly worn Gap jeans for John
purple and fuchsia fur pimp hat for John
Halloween hockey mask for John
dream-catcher for John (yes, obviously he shopped with me)
4 cute oval microwave snacks plates
and stuff for Dianna’s kids I just couldn’t resist:
1 dragon/dinosaur costume with metallic spikes
1 pterodactyl cape
1 uber-cute little orange crochet hippie flower purse with faux-bamboo handles

I love bargains!

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4 thoughts on “My Unique Thrift Store Haul”

  1. Sister, THAT is what shopping was meant to be! You can even claim "green" living by re-using/re-purposing vintage items.

    Love the look into your Saturday!

    Thanks so much for playing along!

  2. That's awesome! You got some great books. Love the hockey mask, perfect for Halloween. Now if I only I could remember to donate to the thrift store. I've got the bags ready, I just never seem to get the stuff in he car.

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