Nannies and Classes and Witch Hats – Oh, My!

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Maybe this is a trivial complaint, but I suspect it’s a reflection of a disturbing trend in our society, so I’m going to mention it.  What’s up with people just “dropping out” of competition reality shows recently?  Not waiting to be voted off, but just sneaking away in the middle of the night.  I watch Project Runway, have for ten years, and I can tell you there are designers who’d give up their firstborn for a spot on that show.  They had two contestant walk away on the same show already this season!  And Face Off, a fairly new make-up show  (think Pirates of the Caribbean and Edwards Scissorhands, not date night) had a man just walk out recently as well.  Are we as a society such immature, self-absorbed creatures that we can’t even stand to have our work critiqued by experts in our fields.  This should be an opportunity of a lifetime for these people and they’re throwing it away with both hands.

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 I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had to call my cell phone to find it this week.  The most frequently received missed call on my phone is “Home”.  And I keep finding these strange entries in my calendar on my phone. On Friday the 21st it says “dress”.  No time, just “dress”.  I don’t have any reason to shop for a dress, or wear a dress, it’s not a dress-down day at school for John.  It’s a mystery.

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After watching the finale of Beverly Hills Nannies I’ve decided that this is my replacement shows for all the Real Housewives shows, which I’ve been gradually dropping because they are just too painfully awful.  I love the show because not only do you get the ridiculous stuff the “more money than sense” moms are doing, but you also get the everyday drama of the nannies just living paycheck to paycheck.  On the reunion show one mom confessed to paying $2,000 for extensions that looked awful while one of the nannies (who looked much better) admitted she used Sun-In because it was all she could afford.  The Sun-In nanny’s boss, BTW, way paying her $15 an hour while most of the other nannies were making $35-$40 and hour – and she was running her ragged, let me tell you!  See, now you want to watch it, don’t you.  Hopefully it’s already been picked up for a second season 🙂

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My wonderful step-dad Greg came in and fixed our AC on Wednesday for the second time this summer.  And it’s an hour’s drive each way.  I just don’t know what I’d do without him.  On top of that, Wednesday was his and mom’s wedding anniversary.  If we’d had the money to pay him for all the AC work he’s done for us over the past couple of years alone (I think we have AC gremlins) they’d be vacationing in Aruba for their anniversary – they certainly deserve it!

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I’m trying to stay on top of my online writing class this month, which is being taught by Mary Buckham.  It’s the second time I’ve taken one of her courses and they are wonderful!  Intense, but wonderful.  I just have to split everything up into small chunks of information and portions of homework and do it when I’m at that magical peak when the pain and the pain meds have balanced out and I can think pretty clearly (which, unfortunately, only lasts about thirty minutes at a time).  Thank God for online classes with flexible due dates!

— 6 —

I am so excited about a gift I received yesterday.  I was visiting my Aunt Beverly, and Joyce from October Farm had sent her something to give to me.  Joyce had posted about some witch hats she was making and I was watching her eBay store carefully so I could snatch up the first one she posted because they were fabulous!  Beverly mentioned it to her and she sent me not just a witch hat, but a Laurie Cabot witch hat from Salem!!  That’s right, folks, the real thing.  Can you imagine the generosity of this woman I’ve never met sending me something of such historic and personal value?  I was overwhelmed.  I am so excited I can’t wait to wear it.  And, of course, I have to find the perfect outfit to go with it.  No pictures yet, I’m going to keep you in suspense 😉

— 7 —

Today I am going shopping with my mother.  She and I haven’t shopped together since my junior prom.  But she has agreed to wear a dress to Aaron and Catherine’s wedding in the Spring, so we need to start shopping early, and I just found out that my favorite clothing store in Louisville also has a location in Lexington, and since the location here carries plenty of things in teeny-tiny sizes to fit Mom I’m sure we’ll find her some options.  Either that or she’ll stand in the store for ten minutes looking frustrated, stomp out, and wear a cute pantsuit to the wedding (which would be fine).  Mom didn’t get the shopping gene.  I’m pretty sure I got mine from my paternal grandmother, who loved nothing more than a day of retail therapy, especially if it included a stop at a jewelry shop.

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One thought on “Nannies and Classes and Witch Hats – Oh, My!”

  1. My mom and my mother-in-law wore really nice suits in lovely shades of blue to my wedding. Both have worn them again and again over the years and they looked so much nicer than they would have in the “mother-of-the-bride” dresses they were selling at David’s Bridal. The comment my mom made was that those dresses would work only if the mother-of-the-bride was 19!

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